Dallas Mavericks: Can the Mavs survive their brutal schedule?

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Have you heard the news? The NBA 2021 -2022 schedule is out and wow are NBA fans in for a surprise this season. Some marque games for the Dallas Mavericks include an early ESPN matchup against the Denver Nuggets, a series of back to back games against the Los Angeles Clippers and two games in March against the newly revamped Los Angeles Lakers.

With the schedule dropping, many Mavs fans are beginning to wonder: Can the team win enough games to secure a top four seed in the loaded Western Conference?

Can the Dallas Mavericks succeed with their schedule?

Let’s break it all down.

Dallas Mavericks: Winning Stretch of October

Assuming the roster stays in tack, I believe the Dallas Mavericks will find early success during the month of October. The team starts off the season against the pivotal Atlanta Hawks and then transitions to face the rebuilding Toronto Raptors.

If you ask me, I believe the Mavs go on a nice little winning streak for their first two matchups. I can see the team continuing to fly high as their third and fourth game of the season are against their rivals Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs.

Their first loss will come against the Denver Nuggets on October 29th and the losing trend will continue as they face the Sacramento Kings. I see them losing to the King because of the time strain. It is an early Sunday afternoon, and for some reasons Dallas does not play well on those dates.

Dallas Mavericks: An Even Stevens November

In November the teams faces a series of real tests as they have two back to back games against pivotal playoff teams. In mid November the Mavericks face off with the Western Conference Phoenix Suns for a total of two games, then move across the coast to take on the Clippers. These four games will play a major part in defining who the real Dallas Mavericks are.

November is also a brutal stretch as Luka Doncic and company have primetime games against the new Miami Heat and Nuggets. Other key games include an away game against the Chicago Bulls and a November sixth matchup with the Boston Celtics.

My belief is that the team will pull a record of six and seven as they will lose a series of close games.

Dallas Mavericks: A Celebratory December

Like November, the team has a couple of back to back series against familiar teams. The team has three double headers against the New Orleans Hornets, Minnesota Timberwolves and Sacramento Kings. All three of those teams failed to make the playoffs last season. Along with that, Dallas faces off against a young Oklahoma City Thunder squad and playoff hopefully Memphis Grizzlies. I see both matchups as a win for the Mavericks.

Some key matchups to note include an away game with their former coach Rick Carlisle, an ESPN must-see with the Los Angeles Lakers, and a Christmas evening special with the Utah Jazz. Oh and who can forget a pivotal game with the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks.

While their are a ton of challenges along the way, I believe the team bounces back and finishes the month with a record of 10 and six for the month.

Dallas Mavericks: A Consistent January

Just like December, I see the team experiencing the same type of success. One thing to note is the Mavs have a series of five nationally televised games. Two of the TV games include matchups with the Golden State Warriors. Other headliners include an ESPN contests with the New York Knicks and a TNT match with the Phoenix Suns.

The biggest difficult is that the team has three back to back games on their radar. It seems as though their first matchup of the double headers include non playoffs, where as the second games include teams that made the tournament in some form or fashion. (With the only exception being the January 14th game against the Memphis Grizzlies and the 15th one with the Orlando Magic.)

While Doncic and his crew will be put to the test, I still the team succeeding in some way or another. Give me another 10-6 record here.

Dallas Mavericks: Pivotal All-Star Break

I believe the Mavs winning mindsets come to a halt here, as the team runs out of gas right before the All-Star break. Some difficulties include home games with the Philadelphia 76ers, Atlanta Hawks and two Los Angeles Clippers games.

Then right before the break the Mavs must go on the road to face the Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets. After the break it does not get easier as they stay away and take on the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors.

With a short month of February, the break will be very much needed as the team falls to a crucial 4-6 record. Doncic will make the All-Star game no doubt about it, but their break will be the only thing on their mind.

No Spring Break Here

With the playoffs fast approaching the Dallas Mavericks take off running and don’t look back. With a tough stretch in March, Doncic helps the team find its winning ways all over again. During the month of March, the team takes off with eight away games and seven televised games.

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Some must-see TV includes the a March first matchup with the  Lakers, a ABC game with the Celtics, another weekend one with the Utah Jazz and a second set with the Lakers.

When it is all said and done, look for the team to fight hard and push their ways toward a marque playoff seed.

Look for one final 10-6 record as keys wins will include beating the Golden State Warriors at home and an away victory against the Boston Celtics.

Dallas Mavericks: A Final Closing

Look for the team to go three and two here as they pull off victories with Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs. Don’t worry, two of the loses will be against playoff teams. (Milwaukee Bucks and Portland Trailblazers.

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This will be a fun season for sure. I think Kristaps Porzingis finally hits his stride and newcomer Reggie Bullock becomes a valuable addition to the team.

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