Dallas Cowboys Final 53-man roster prediction (Final Cut Edition)

Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

Much has changed between our first Dallas Cowboys final 53-man roster prediction, and this, our last Cowboys 53-man roster prediction. Players have elevated and players have disappointed. Players were added and players subtracted. Players have been dumped and players have been stashed on IR.

One thing is clear – aside from a perfect bill of health for Dak Prescott, things couldn’t have gone much better.

Overall, training camp accomplished what it set out to: give players the opportunity to compete for jobs and give the Dallas Cowboys brain trust plenty of options to successfully build the roster.

With final cuts coming in less than a week, here is our last edition of the Dallas Cowboys final 53-man roster prediction.

We start with special teams…

Dallas Cowboys Special Teams (4)

Greg Zuerlein, Bryan Anger, Jake McQuaide, C.J. Goodwin

In the past I stuck to the standard three players in this category (kicker, punter, and long-snapper), but this time I’m going to add C.J. Goodwin as the forth specialist. Goodwin is listed as a cornerback but if we’re being honest, he’s not making the team as a CB, so why pretend.

We’re still holding out hope Greg “the leg” is back in time for the opener and Dallas doesn’t have to fall back to Plan B at the last minute. Bryan Anger is the last punter standing and after a great preseason game last weekend, is a lock to be the main man in 2021. Finally, Jake McQuaide quietly fills the shoes of long-snapper. Hopefully we’ll never have reason to talk about him again.