Dallas Mavericks cut, sign, consider: Isaiah Thomas, Monta Ellis, Lance Stephenson

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If you haven’t heard, the Dallas Mavericks held private workouts with three former NBA Players this week. The list of athletes include a two-time all-star, a defensive specialist and a former standout Mav himself.

That’s right, the team brought in Isaiah Thomas, Lance Stephenson and Monta Ellis. All three players are trying to make an NBA comeback and the Dallas Mavericks are one team who is considering one of the three players.

Like many MFFLs, this had me thinking:

If I could add one of the three players in Thomas, Stephenson or Ellis to the Dallas Mavericks, who would it be and why?

One way I am going to answer this question is through a “cut, consider or keep” game. This is basically a spinoff of a popular youth game.

Let’s get started:

Dallas Mavericks: CUT

This was honestly harder than I thought. Every player imprinted their own mark when they played in the league. However, I had to pick one. Hopefully Mavs fans don’t hate me for this one. The player I would cut or basically not sign is former Dallas star Monta Ellis.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Ellis fan and I enjoyed his time in Dallas, but at this point in his career it is time to hang up his basketball jersey The last time he played in the league was during the 2016-2017 campaign.

Go to his 2013 season with the Mavs and I would have to pair him with Luka Doncic and company. Just imagine Doncic next to Ellis. The amount of buckets Dallas would score could be endless. Even if he is in the best shape, it is not worth it. In his last season in the league, Ellis averaged a near career low in points per game, assist and field goal shots. Just give me the old Ellis and I’d be down in a heart beat.

Dallas Mavericks: Consider

While many may argue Ellis is better than this player, I am strictly looking at the team’s wants and needs. The one star who I think could bring some mental toughness to the team is former Pacer Lance Stephenson.

The “Lebron Blower” would bring the defensive mentality Dallas has lacked. Stephenson is two years removed from the league but he still showed signs of his defensive mentality during his last year with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Overall, he finished his career with a 104.6 defensive rating. This sort of number is higher than the likes of player like Derrick Rose, Wesley Matthews and Ben Simmons. While he isn’t known for his offensive game, last season he showed glimpse of hope when he played in the Chinese Basketball Association.

When it comes down to it, I’d give the former player a chance. He just might be better than some of the current defensive stars on the Mavs team.

Dallas Mavericks: Sign

This means the one player I would sign without hesitation is none other than two-time all-star Isaiah Thomas. Thomas, unlike the previous two players, did play in the league last season. While he only contributed in three games, Thomas still has a small flash of hope.

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In three games, he scored 23 points in 48 minutes. You see, the former Celtic still has some gas left in the tank. The problem has been, Thomas has not been given an equal chance since his trade during the summer of 2017.  After the Celtics traded him away, he has yet to find a stable home and a team willingly to give Thomas a shot. Over the past five seasons, the player known as “the reason,” contributed in just 87 minutes. A list of other problems included being overshadowed by other NBA players and injuries to his hip.

No matter the issue, Dallas needs to give the man a chance. His flashiness and athleticism is something the Mavs lack. Besides Doncic, no other player is willingly to attack the basketball and fight the odds. If I’m Cuban give I would sign him to a veterans minimum. Having a bench of guards that includes Thomas, would give the team an immediate jump.

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Using the intangibles, the answer is clear: Cut ties with Ellis, consider Stephenson and sign Thomas. While no answer is definite, it will be interesting to see what Dallas does as the season is fast approaching.

  • Published on 09/03/2021 at 12:30 PM
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