Texas Rangers: Taking big steps despite worst record since 1973

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Not too long ago fan were worried the Texas Rangers were messing their season up by winning too much. Now, after losing five straight while going just eight of the last nine, fans aren’t quite so concerned about the Rangers draft slot.

The Texas Rangers are on pace to finish with their first 100-loss season since 1973. That may be discouraging to some but to those who’ve been following along, it’s all according to plan.

The Rangers are supposed to be losing. When they traded Joey Gallo away this summer they essentially admitted as much. This season is inconsequential from a win-loss perspective, what matters is the prospects advance and the Rangers get their ducks in a row for next season.

The Texas Rangers are making the right moves and progressing the right players

This isn’t about that infamous Astros blueprint that saw the Houston franchise tank for three consecutive 100+ loss seasons in order to rebuild their system with premium picks. This is more about prioritizing.

A couple weeks ago, the Texas Rangers embraced their little hot streak that threatened to ruin their already ruinous season and it’s high draft slot. If the team had to chose between winning and losing they chose winning. As it should be. But the priority was on the youth movement and the advancement of prospects. Something that continues today amidst this inevitable cold streak.

The Texas Rangers have just advanced three of their most promising young prospects, Cole Winn, Davis Wendzel, and Sam Huff to Round Rock. Granted, such a move was expected after the conclusion of Double-A but it remains newsworthy and on-pace.

All three prospects are expected to be MLB contributors in the near future and all three had less-than-full seasons in Double-A, meaning they have something in the tank right now.

The Rangers are going through the usual developmental process and subsequent growing pains with Taylor Hearn, Dan Dunning, A.J. Alexy, and Glenn Otto. But they’re lining up to be big parts for next year.

Adolis Garcia is continuing his push for AL Rookie of the Year. Whether he wins it or not is almost inconsequential since he’s firmly established himself as an outfielder of the present and future. A welcomed surprise, to be sure.

The Texas Rangers are currently loaded with rookies and extremely young veterans. If you look at the roster today and compare it to opening day, you’ll see few similarities. That’s a great thing to see. The Rangers are getting their ducks in a row for next season and that means they’re getting over some final hurdles before we can put the final nail in the 2021 coffin.

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The Texas Rangers are losing but they’re getting closer the goal

  • Published on 09/24/2021 at 18:18 PM
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