Dallas Cowboys on Columbus Day: The Nation discovers America’s Team

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With the win against the Giants yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys stand an impressive 4-1. That gives them the league’s second best record, with the second longest winning streak, and the biggest division lead in the NFL.  It only took five weeks but the Nation is finally starting to take notice.

The Dallas Cowboys have largely been dismissed by the national media and fans. The team that limped to a 6-10 record last year wasn’t taken seriously heading into the 2021 NFL season. The only hype they received was based on the cruddy division in which they played – it had nothing to do with the team they were building.

Based on Dallas’ struggles last season, it’s somewhat understandable for casual fans to be caught off guard. Many outsiders either forgot why the Cowboys struggled so badly last season (massive injuries) or simply chose to ignore it. But there was no excuse from the national media. Dallas was getting their All-Pro O-line back, their franchise QB back, a enormous class of rookies, and even gaining a competent coaching staff. Their roster was again rated in the preseason as a top-3 roster, yet, they received no love.

The national media can ignore them no longer…

The Dallas Cowboys are finally being being seen as a contender and a force to be reckoned with.

It’s fitting that here on Columbus Day the nation is discovering America’s Team. The Dallas Cowboys entered this week number two in total DVOA. They were third on offense, tenth in defense, and fifth in DAVE score (all curtesy of Football Outsiders). It’s safe to say with that 24-point victory against the Giants, they added to many of those numbers.

With 2,198 total yards, the Dallas Cowboys lead the NFL in offense. With 170 points scored, they’re second only to the Bills this season (172 points). Their 864 yards on the ground are second only to the Browns, plus they are second in yards per play overall.

While their big plays are down slightly, Dallas is operating at peak efficiency. Dak Prescott is simply taking what’s given to him and destroying opponents by playing the odds and making the smart play. Dak is top-5 in completion percentage, ANY/A, and expected points added passing. Peak efficiency.

Keep in mind, the Dallas Cowboys have achieved all of this playing against some pretty formidable opponents. The Tampa Bay Bucs, Los Angeles Chargers, and Carolina Panthers are not jokes. These aren’t empty stats against a slate of bad teams, my friends.

Speaking of bad teams, Dallas has a few more poor-performing teams coming up on their schedule. They should be favorites in the next four games and have a chance to really separate from the pack heading into Thanksgiving weekend.

This is Columbus Day, and for many in the national media they are finally discovering America’s Teams is indeed, legit. But it’s Indigenous Peoples Day to Cowboys Nation because you can’t “discover” what’s been here all along. We’ve known the Dallas Cowboys were this good before the season even started. No one could have survived what they went through last season.

Dallas entered the 2021 NFL season as a sleeping giant. Well, this giant is awake and the NFL is taking notice. As long as they can keep the pedal to the metal and stay relatively healthy, there’s no stopping this team.

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The NFL’s finally discovering what we’ve known all along.

  • Published on 10/11/2021 at 12:55 PM
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