Dallas Cowboys: Time to re-sign QB2/WR3 Cedrick Wilson

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And they said the Dallas Cowboys didn’t have a back-up quarterback on their roster. Well, we got to see first hand what it looks like when someone not named “Dak” slings it, and it was a sight to behold.

Up 27-13, Kellen Moore dialed up some trickery and flare when he had Dak deliver an overhand lateral to his WR3, Cedrick Wilson. Sweeping right with the forward pass still an offensive option, Wilson fired a shot to Noah Brown, who was wide open across the middle.

The completion added to Wilson’s illustrious passing career and rewarded him with a 118.7 passer rating for the season. With a career passer rating of 152.1 entering the game, Wilson has clearly established himself as the second-best passer on the Dallas Cowboys and worthy of a contract extension.

The Dallas Cowboys should lock up Cedrick Wilson this offseason for more reasons than one.

OK, clearly my analysis of Cedrick Wilson the passer is more than a little tongue and cheek. Throwing the ball on a trick play is considerably different than delivering under center. And the shot he “fired” to Brown was the NFL equivalent of the Ugly Ducking.

If the pass would have been remotely on target, Brown would have cruised to pay-dirt. Instead it was a YAC-less completion that actually hurt Wilson’s career numbers.

But just because he’s a lousy passer doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be re-signed. Wilson has again established himself as an important member of this organization, and the Dallas Cowboys should unequivocally consider re-signing him this offseason to be the WR3 going forward.

All Wilson has done since taking over for the injured Michael Gallup is do whatever is necessarily. His 10 catches for 126 yards are modest numbers, but his role is invaluable. Kellen Moore again reiterated in last week’s presser that Wilson is capable of playing all three WR positions. He’s a student of the game and a reliable replacement who needs very few reps.

He’s also a play-maker.

On Sunday he again graced Cowboys Nation with a highlight play that rivals any big play catch made on the day.

Cedrick Wilson led the Dallas Cowboys in EPA/play all three offensive categories: passing, rushing, and receiving. That’s not something you see every day.

He’s a big-play machine who can work the sideline just as good as he can work the middle of the field and underneath routes. In the play above he prevented his defender from squeezing him and gave Dak enough room to deliver a ball down the boundary. He made a tough catch look easy and was able to keep his feet in and ball under control. That’s a great play all around.

On the day Cedrick Wilson led the Dallas Cowboys in EPA/play all three offensive categories: passing, rushing, and receiving. That’s not something you see every day.

Is Cedrick Wilson better than Michael Gallup? No. But he’s far better than many have given him credit for and he plays multiple vital roles on this Dallas Cowboys team and he plays them all quite well.

Depending what the market price is for Gallup and Wilson, the Cowboys may find considerably more bang for their buck re-signing the latter.

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Re-sign Cedrick Wilson for QB2? Probably not but the 25-year-old is certainly worth re-signing for a handful of other jobs.

  • Published on 10/11/2021 at 16:01 PM
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