Dallas Cowboys: 5 players whose stock is on the rise

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The Dallas Cowboys have had a pretty successful start to the 2021 NFL season. Standing 4-1 and two games up in the NFC East, they already seem destined for a postseason bid. Dallas didn’t just luck into this fortuitous situation, it took players performing up to and above expectations.

Today we highlight a few of those players. Players who exceeded national expectations and are big reasons why the Dallas Cowboys are where they are.

We look at five Dallas Cowboys whose stock is on the rise five weeks into the season.

Someone we’re not going to discuss is Dak Prescott. Even though Dak is playing at peak efficiency, it’s as expected. I refuse to acknowledge anything he’s accomplished this season is even remotely surprising. Dak is the same great QB we saw before the injury. Let’s focus on the players around him instead.

Player No. 1: Trevon Diggs

Stock Status: Through the roof

Trevon Diggs has been nothing short brilliant for the Dallas Cowboys this season. In fact, his interception streak dates back to the end of last season where Diggs finished with a top-5 coverage rating.

With six interceptions in the past five games, Diggs is on pace to blow records out of the water this year. He’s a ballhawk of which the likes have rarely been seen. Offering up windows of opportunity, he essentially baits QBs into testing him. And no one tests as well as Diggs.

Trevon’s interceptions alone bring the Dallas Cowboys turnover differential from 14th in the NFL to 2nd

Diggs has almost singlehandedly transformed this defense. Trevon’s interceptions alone bring the Dallas Cowboys turnover differential from 14th in the NFL to 2nd, and has fundamentally changed the way this Dan Quinn-led unit sees itself.

In all fairness, he’s on pace to give up over 1000 yards receiving this season which is a ridiculously big number, but when you factor in the gains from the INTs and put them against the yardage yielded, it’s all well worth it.