Dallas Mavericks: Sugar, Spice and Everything in Between

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The Dallas Mavericks’ season is finally here and Luka Doncic fans can’t get contain their excitement anymore. In T-minus five days, the team will open up their season against the rejuvenated Atlanta Hawks. While this will be presented as a season preview piece, we are going to do our own style of analysis.

Dallas Mavericks fans, like Taylor Swift once quoted: Are you ready for it?

If Dallas fans could have it their way, they would have a starting lineup of five different Doncics on the floor. However, we haven’t advanced that way with technology just yet. One thing we can agree with, is it feels like 2006 all over again. You see, this year’s top five is no different from the 2020 campaign.

During the 2005 and 2006 campaign not much transitioned, except for Dirk Nowitzki and his level of play. I feel the same is happening here. There is no question Doncic still has yet to reach his full potential, and I believe that this will be his Dirk Year. Remember that year the original 41 got his long awaited MVP.

Another resemblance is the comparison of Tim Hardaway Jr. to a young Josh Howard. Now I know they differ when it comes to age, but hear me out. You see in 06′, Howard increased his number of shot attempts per game. This is key because although his percentages dropped, his points per game increased. This same effect will hit home with Hardaway Jr.

Currently Dallas is looking for a third option and Timmy is just the man for it. Last season, he attempted just 13 shots, but in New York he hit around 15 and upped his scoring percentage.

Another comparison from the historic 06 season is that of the bench play. Back then, Devin Harris was just beginning his third season in Dallas and finding his stride. One current player who is finding his role is young Jalen Brunson. Both players have a similar style of play. They are rim hitting players, who are not afraid to shoot when called upon.

Now let us transition from the 2006 fantasy and look at the bigger picture this season.

One key question everyone is wondering:

What is Doncic’s relationship with Kristaps Porzingis? 

Honestly no one really knows. Nevertheless one duo they remind me of is none other than Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Just hear me out for a minute.

Remember in Toy Story 1 both characters couldn’t stand each other. Before Buzz came along, it was Wood and friends. However that all changed when Mr. Lightyear came flying in. It wasn’t until the second and third installments that they both realized they needed one another to survive and thrive.

You see in Toy Story 3, the two toys got a new owner and finally learned to collaborate with one another. Sounds familiar?

This will be the third season (technically second full year) of Doncic and Porzingis working together. Oh and they are doing all this with a new head coach this year.

Just the other night Doncic had nine assists and half of those passes were dishes to KP. Coincidence? Maybe, but I do believe a change of structure and extra season working together will do wonders for the duo.

One final comparison will be that of the great Michael Jordan.

During his first three seasons in the league, his “airness” missed the playoff once and had two back to back first-round exits.

Ring a bell?

Doncic is entering his fourth year in the league and his hoping to overcome his first round woes. Like MJ, I believe this will be the year Doncic and company overcome their playoff struggles.

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Now before fans go crazy, I am not making a Jordan-Doncic comparison, I am merely saying this will be the year Dallas finally makes it a step closer to the top.

Whatever the case may be, all I have to say is next Thursday next can’t come soon enough.