Dallas Cowboys Dak, CeeDee, Diggs, Gregory pacing record seasons

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Trevon Diggs

Key stat: On pace for 20 interceptions?

I mean, did you really have to ask what that key stat was? While his current pace is logically unsustainable, that’s the same thing we said two weeks ago and all he’s done is continue to prove us wrong.

But let’s be honest, teams will start avoiding him if he continues and 20 interceptions is about as unsustainable as pace as you can get in the NFL. That’s why the REAL key stat are pass deflections…

REAL key stat: 31 pass deflections

Pass deflections, like pressures, are more sustainable and more indicative of good coverage than the sometimes fluky interceptions stat is. And while everyone is talking about Diggs being a feast or famine player who either picks off the pass or gives up yards by the truckload, he’s actually an elite pass deflector as well.

With 11 PDs on the season already, Diggs is on pace to log a whopping 31 for the season. Xavien Howard, last year’s leader, finished with just 20. Stephon Gilmore led the league in 2019 with 20 himself. And Kyle Fuller had 21 in 2018. So it’s pretty clear, if Diggs gets 31 this season, he’s going to run away with the title.

The yardage he’s yielded is consequential but severely overrated. The roughly 900 yards he’s on pace to give up has a fraction of the EPA value of the big plays he’s creating. By the numbers, he’s the most positively impactful coverage player in the NFL (factoring everything in – good and bad), and it’s not even close.

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There you have it. Four Dallas Cowboys who are on pace for career seasons. Crazy thing is, there are even more players on this roster setting records.