Dallas Cowboys: 5 Role players who have stepped up big this season

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Cedrick Wilson


When Michael Gallup went down that first week, fans were bummed to learn he’d be out the next five plus weeks. The Dallas Cowboys offense, which built its identity on its elite WR corps, was forced to adapt. Would they have to become a 2-TE offense while Gallup was out, or would someone be able to come in and fill his enormous and underrated shoes?

The answer was both. Dallas had two TEs they were quite fond of so they had no problem leaning on 12 personnel if the situation called for it. But Cedrick Wilson also stepped up into WR3 and made the transition from Gallup somewhat seamless.

Wilson has provided big plays a number of different ways for the Dallas offense this season. He’s been a runner, punt returner, receiver, and even passer. He’s the top alternate at all three WR positions and provides invaluable depth.

That could continue beyond the Gallup injury too. Amari Cooper is noticeably hurting and with Wilson playing so well, Dallas may opt to give Coop a week of to mend once Gallup comes back. Regardless, Wilson has been a big reason why the Dallas Cowboys offense has been able to keep chugging along after the loss of Gallup, and that deserves recognition.

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Osa Odighizuwa


Osa Odighizuwa wasn’t supposed to be star for this Dallas Cowboys defense. Heck, he wasn’t even supposed to be a starter. But after Neville Gallimore fell to injury in camp (noticing a theme here?), the third round rookie took the reins and hasn’t looked back.

The tandem of of Osa and Micah Parson have led the rookie class in pressures this year, and while that success was expected of Parsons, it certainly wasn’t for Osa. Osa is a star in the making and won’t be giving up his starting spot anytime soon. Suddenly the future looks bright at DT for the Cowboys and they have Osa Odighizuwa to thank for it.