Dallas Cowboys: 3 ways Dallas is striking fear in the hearts of opponents

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Dallas Cowboys Spooky Quality No. 3: Pressure

The word “pressure” is intentionally vague. In this case pressure comes from both the offense and the defense, and while there is plenty of overlap and gray in between, the pressure felt on opponents is undeniable.

The Dallas Cowboys have what is arguably the most deadly offense in the NFL. In a shootout, there’s no team better equipped. This puts pressure on opposing offenses and defenses alike.

The pressure on the opposing defense should be obvious. They are tested like no other when facing the Cowboys and it can be demoralizing to repeatedly get run over even when defensing perfectly.

But opposing offenses are pressured just as much by this high octane Dallas offense. They feel the need to keep up. The Cowboys can go an entire game without punting. Offenses know they have to find a way to score every time they get the ball because this Cowboys offense will bury them if they fall behind.

Then there’s the traditional “pressure” applied from the defense. Dallas is a top-10 in pass rush win rate this season and the combination of Randy Gregory and Micah Parsons has helped this defense survive without war daddy DeMarcus Lawrence playing.

As discussed before, this is an opportunistic big play defense. They want opponents to feel the pressure and that’s when opponents press. And pressing is when Dallas pulls in those big plays.

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If you look at the root of the matter, it’s all about the offense. Everything works in concert with that offense and that’s why the Dallas Cowboys are so darn scary to opponents.