Amari Cooper on Dallas Cowboys: “We know we can overcome anything”

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It’s not about having the smartest, deepest, or even most talented team in today’s NFL, it’s about your ability to overcome obstacles. Over the years, “obstacles” have been the silent killer for a handful of uber-talented Cowboys rosters.

Whether it’s suspensions, injuries, distractions, or coaching deficiencies, something always seemed to pop up and ruin a good thing. Inability to overcome has been a trademark of the Dallas Cowboys. A trademark that may have to be retired…

Amari Cooper accurately summed up the thing that makes this Dallas Cowboys team so special.

To everyone in and around the Dallas Cowboys, this year just feels special. Speaking as an analytically obsessed crusader, it pains me to cite “feelings” but there’s no other way explain it. The Dallas Cowboys are looking, acting, responding in a way that’s just different from years past. They’ve had supremely talented teams like this before, but it never felt quite right. This year, things feel right and Amari Cooper happens to know why,

When Amari Cooper said “We know we can overcome anything,” he explained perfectly what we’ve all been seeing this season. Obstacles have been rolling in all year, but instead of getting tripped up, the 2021 Dallas Cowboys have been adapting and overcoming.

Starting an undrafted QB who hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass since 2016 would normally be a death knell for the Cowboys. But Rush trusted his teammates and his teammates and coaches trusted him. The shaky start didn’t break that trust and by the second half, Rush was actually playing some pretty decent football.

The Cowboys team as a whole was entirely focused on the task at hand. The defense stepped up enormously, limiting the Minnesota air attack to under 200 yards. And the offense just kept battling. They battled after Tyron Smith fell to injury. They battled after Amari Cooper missed snaps nursing a hamstring, and they battled into the final seconds of their dramatic victory.

This is good news because obstacles remain in the Dallas Cowboys path. Dak Prescott is still dealing with his strained calf and it’s unknown if he’ll be cleared next week against Denver. Tyron is likely in question too after aggravating a lower leg injury in the first half. Cooper has a hamstring issue that could very well linger for weeks. Trevon Diggs left early and Jabril Cox looks like he’ll miss significant time.

This would all signal the end in most seasons but this year it just feels different. As Coop said, this team knows they can overcome anything.

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We’re witnessing something special.