Dallas Cowboys: 5 Biggest disappointments this season

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5 Biggest Dallas Cowboys disappointments of 2021

Blake Jarwin, TE

For two consecutive seasons, Blake Jarwin was the breakout player to watch heading into Week 1. And for consecutive seasons he’s fallen short. To be fair, last year he fell to a season-ending knee injury halfway through his first game. And this season he’s lost his starting job and is now working slightly behind TE1 Dalton Schultz.

But if Jarwin took the step many of us expected him to, he wouldn’t be playing second fiddle to Schultz. And based on the expectations that came with the contract extension the Dallas Cowboys gave him, it’s safe to say regardless of the excuse, Blake Jarwin has failed to meet expectations this season.

First of all, Jarwin is supremely talented as a pass-catcher. Physically, he’s by far the most impressive TE on the Dallas roster and his ability to play the seam and gather yards after the catch, is unrivaled. Despite this, Dalton Schultz has outperformed him in nearly every single way.

Schultz is winning in snap count 453 to 262 over Jarwin and also in total grades 5th rated compared to 42nd rated. While Jarwin is still the YAC monster and seam buster, he has yet to develop as a reliable every down receiver. Where Schultz seems to have that innate feeling for soft spots in zone (much like Jason Witten once did), Jarwin is more of an in-stride target, thus limiting his overall effectiveness as a pass-catching TE.

Heading into the season many predicted Jarwin would be knocking on the door of the Pro Bowl but as things stand, I’m not sure the Dallas Cowboys can even justify bringing him back in 2022. There’s still plenty of time and I’m still a big fan of big ‘ol No. 89, but the clock is ticking…