Dallas Cowboys Report Card: Week 10’s “A” honor roll

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Not a lot went wrong for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon. Need I remind you all, one week ago to the minute, it was quite a different story. In Week 9 Dallas fell flat on their face against the Denver Broncos. The uninspired effort was a total loss and just about everyone not named Micah Parsons carried blame.

This week against the Atlanta Falcons the Dallas Cowboys took it the other direction. They dominated in all three phases and went into halftime with their biggest margin in the past 50 years.

The Dallas Cowboys were so good against Atlanta on Sunday, we’re devoting the entire report card to the “A” Honor Roll.

Normally a grading exercise like this would offer up both positive and negative evaluations. And if you know me, you know I like to be more negative in times of plenty and more positive in times of despair. But today, I’m happy to go against my nature and focus solely on the good. I mean, 40-point wins don’t come along every day (last time was 20 years ago vs the Cards), so let’s savor the moment and just highlight the stars, shall we?

The Dallas Cowboys Week 10 “A” Honor Roll

Zack Martin, G

We tend to take Zack Martin for granted here in Cowboys Nation. Since getting drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft all Zack Martin has done is establish himself as an all-time great at the guard position.

Martin dominates opponents through both physical superiority and exceptional technique. He showed us all again Sunday what that looks like.


Zack Martin consistently rates as the best right guard in the game and he’s currently graded as the second best linemen in the entire NFL on zone runs. The Dallas Cowboys always have an advantage inside when Zack Martin plays, the importance in which cannot be understated.