Dallas Mavericks: Who’s next on the retired jersey train?

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The Dallas Mavericks have finally made it official: They will retired Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey on January 5th against the Golden State Warriors. For fans, this is hardly a surprising moment since they having been waiting on this moment for years.

Just look at Dirk’s resume: a 14-time All-Star, four time All-NBA First-Team, NBA Finals MVP, 2011 champion and number six on the NBA All-time scoring list. What can’t the GOAT do?

Number 41 will be the team’s fourth member to have their jersey implanted in team history. The other honorees include Derek Harper, Brad Davis and Rolando Blackman

With Dirk establishing his status in Dallas history, it brings on a very intriguing question…

Who will be the next Dallas Mavericks player to see his jersey be retired

I will examine three past icons who Mark Cuban could call up next. This will be in particular order and strictly based on their performance for Dallas.

1. Michael Finley 

There is no question about Finley’s status in Mavs’ history. The 6’7 guard made his presence known as one of the elite shooting guards during the early 2000s. During his time with the Mavericks he averaged 19.8 points per game and 5.2 rebounds.

His best season came during the 1999-2000 season when he put up 22 points a game and a career high 13 assists. He is a two time all-star who had some of his best years in Dallas and undoubtedly achieved success with Nowitzki and Steve Nash. Together they formed a big three and there is no question Finley played a key role.

Now-a-days, he acts as the team’s Vice President of Basketball Operations. His success as a player and GM further establish his chances of having his number lifted in the rafters someday.

2. Jason Terry 

Another shooting guard who contributed for Dallas, is the great Jason Terry, aka “The Jet.” The speedy three-point shooting guard reached his peek during his time with the Mavs.

With Dallas he averaged 16.1 points a game  and torched defenders with his corner threes. He achieved greatness when he received the 6th man of the year award in 2009.  Two years later he would assist Dallas in winning their first ever title.

During the 2011 playoff run he he torched teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers where he hit nine three pointers. His best performance came in 2005 when he recorded 36 points in a playoff performance against the Phoenix Suns.

He currently ranks 7th all-time in three points made, that is more than Lebron James and Mavs icon Dirk Nowitzki.

3. Jason Kidd 

One final player who could be cemented in Dallas history is current head coach Jason Kidd. The 1995 Co-Rookie of the year is without question one of the top five point guards in NBA history. His resume basically speaks for itself. He is a 10 time All-Star, Five-time all NBA first-team, four-time All NBA defensive-team and 2011 NBA champion.

While his best years didn’t come with Dallas, he still played a pivotal role in making basketball fun for the team. During his rookie season he nearly averaged a double double with 11 points and 7 assists. Fast forward to his sophomore and he contributed with 16 points and nearly 10 assists.

When people think of point guards for the Dallas Mavericks, Kidd is name that pops up due to his contributed success. Whether it is on the court or off, he is someone who Dallas fans will truly remember.

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Maybe Mark Cuban has some ideas for the next player in line.

For now, Dallas fans should enjoy the fact that no one will ever be allowed to wear the number 41 again. A special moment for a special player.