With Corey Seager signed, the Texas Rangers are officially dangerous

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Rangers fans, it’s finally happening. After an explosive weekend in which the Texas Rangers signed Jon Gray, Kole Calhoun, and of course, Marcus Semien, Rangers fans were on cloud nine. All of that payroll they freed up in the trade deadline paid off when Chris Young decided to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday accordingly.

It’s not often you see a 102-loss franchise casually splurge well over $561 million in a single offseason. In fact, you’ve never seen because the Texas Rangers just set an all-time record in spending. What’s shocking is the Texas Rangers didn’t stop at the signings made above. No they were just getting warmed up.

The Texas Rangers are back on the MLB map after signing Corey Seager and crew.

They still went out and signed their biggest name yet when they double-dipped in free agent middle infielders by locking up Corey Seager for the next 10-years.

With all the pressure from the upcoming CBA, players and teams were looking to sign as quickly as possible to secure their future before the pending lockout. With the “fog” surrounding the outcome of this CBA, players want that stability as lockout is very much in the picture.

The Texas Rangers have made a serious splash this winter and can easily be a Wild Card team as soon as Year 1. At this point they are competing for 2nd place in the AL West and they may not even be done shopping. The AL West is no joke either.  The Seattle Mariners have signed Robbie Ray and the Los Angeles Angels got themselves Noah Syndergaard, so everyone is taking steps to improve.

At the very least, Seager was regarded as the second most valuable free agent (arguably number one) just behind Carlos Correa. Regardless of where he ranks, the Texas Rangers got themselves a franchise guy locked up for 10 years with no opt-outs according to Ken Rosenthal.

Corey Seager won World Series MVP in 2020 and in 2021, over 95 games Seager posted a cool .306/.367/.504 slash line. Not to mention that World Series in which he won MVP was played exclusively at Globe Life Park.

After trading away the top bat in Joey Gallo, the Texas Rangers supplemented nicely with two serious sticks for the middle of the order and the middle of the infield. Don’t sleep on Kole Calhoun’s bat either with 161 career home runs to his name.

After years of being sellers and building up prospect capital, the Rangers are finally ready to win. Now. Seager has a career WRC+ of 132 (Wins/Runs Created Plus) and .336 BABIP (Batting Average on Balls In Play), he can and will make an impact.

Rangers fans, if you’re not excited by now I’m not sure you’ll ever be. When a front office is looking to win baseball games this much, a season gets exponentially more fun to watch. This feeling may be unfamiliar but we should be hopeful going into the next 162 games.

Players like Josh Jung and Dane Dunning are looking to breakout as well. A lot of pieces can come together here and make a championship run possible in the next few years. It’s going to be interesting to watch the CBA unfold as well, but it’s great to see Chris Young break the bank and secure the Rangers a winning offseason.

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