Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is lacking confidence

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If you’re like me, you’ve noticed something to be “off” with Dak Prescott since he tweaked his calf against the New England Patriots in October. That was arguably the Dallas Cowboys best game of his season. Dak was throwing lasers all over he field and picking the Patriots defense apart. A defense we can clearly see now to be quite formidable.

Before his injury he looked confident and steady in the pocket. Holding his ground, unfettered, waiting until the perfect time to deliver a perfect pass to his receivers.

The Dallas Cowboys have slowed down along with Dak Prescott

Now it seems like he lacks confidence or he’s simply more hesitant to throw the ball deep. One pass that comes to mind is on 4th & 2 in the 1st quarter of the Saints game this Thursday.

A great play call by Kellen Moore. Play-Action and the entire Saints defense shifts with it. Dak is rolling out wide. Cee Dee Lamb had shifted behind the line of scrimmage during the PA, runs into the flat and cuts up into the open green leaving CB P.J. Williams behind.

All Dak Prescott needs to do is make an accurate throw on the run like he has many times before. Wide Left. Turnover on Downs and easily missed points along with it.

Dak missing the throw on the run has been a recurring problem, especially in key situations. Let me bring you back to overtime versus the Raiders only a week prior. The Raiders come out in a Cover 3 look, Dak takes the snap, rolls out right and sees a wide open Noah Brown cutting across the field and he throws it just a bit low. The Dallas Cowboys are forced to punt and the rest is history. I won’t force you to relive more ref ball than you have to for a day.

Dak is still brilliant and I am not demanding a replacement, far from it. I’ve been a Dak Prescott advocate ever since Year 1. I know what he’s capable of and that’s why I write this. Perhaps my expectations are too high but I’ve seen him at his peak.

He is still making spectacular throws but the QB from weeks 1-6 doesn’t seem to be there right now. This could be the result of multiple factors as well. The run game has been poor especially with the lingering injury of Ezekiel Elliot, along with him not having a fully healthy wide receiver core for the majority of the season it’s easy to throw a lot of pressure on yourself and that can hinder his play.

Dak Prescott is playing his first career game against the Washington Football Team has he missed their inaugural season due to injury. Over the course of his career against the other Washington team he has a career 1866/13/1 with a 111.2 QBR. He’s averaging 32 points against them with a record of 7-1.

Must Read. Watch out NFL, Parsons, Lawrence, and Gregory are back, baby!. light

While it’s safe to say the team Dak played isn’t the same as this WFT who are on a four game win streak, history is on our side. Amari will be 100% so look for a Dak Prescott bounce back. This game is a must win.