Can the Dallas Cowboys defense lead them through the playoffs?

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Defense wins championships, right? Isn’t that what the old school guys always say? So if that’s true, isn’t it good news the Dallas Cowboys new-found identity lies in their defense?

After starting the season simply hoping for middle-of-the-pack level defense, the Dallas Cowboys suddenly find themselves buoyed by 2020’s biggest weakness. And the timing couldn’t be better. The Dallas Cowboys offense is currently in a funk. After leading the NFL in all major categories the first six weeks of the season, Dallas has been bottom-10 the last six weeks.

Lucky for them, the defense has stepped up and is carrying the load.

The Dallas Cowboys defense can carry the load now, but don’t expect them to carry them in the postseason

The “defense wins championships” mantra may be misleading and a little outdated but regardless of were you rank the defense’s importance in a team’s march to the Super Bowl, everyone will agree defense plays a significant role.

Dallas Cowboys fans are seeing their defense playing that role right now. With the defensive line finally healthy, the Dallas Cowboys put on a show last week. They delivered highlight play after highlight play, and in many people’s minds they were the only reason the Dallas Cowboys were able to walk away winners.

It didn’t happen out of the blue either. The Dallas D has been steadily increasing their level of play in recent weeks. They’ve been among league leaders in turnovers all year and with the unit finally healthy, they look like they could be a force down the stretch. Looking at the schedule there’s no reason to think the high level of play won’t continue.

But looking beyond the regular season, we shouldn’t be so optimistic.

Let’s look at the schedule: The Cowboys play the Giants, Football Team, Cards, and Eagles the last four weeks of the season. Only the Cardinals constitute a good football team. Not surprisingly, the Dallas Cowboys defense is at it’s best when they play poor offenses with poor quarterbacks.

Keep in mind, the last two weeks where they’ve allegedly stepped up, they went against Taysom Hill and Taylor Heinicke, respectively. Up ahead they have Mike Glennon, Heinicke again, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts. Not exactly a murder’s row of talent now is it?

Aside from Murray, I’m not sure if any of these players will start a game again after this season. They’re career back-ups who shouldn’t be thought of as legit QB1s (all due respect to Hurts).

The thing with defenses is they are fickle. Defensive success is directly related to the quality of the QB they’re playing – that’s why we see defense as notoriously unstable and that’s why see such Jekyll and Hyde performances from them week to week.

The LA Rams offense is a far cry from the Heinicke-led Washington Football Team, don’t you think?

The Dallas Cowboys’ remaining schedule plays to the defense’s favor. That all changes the moment the clock strikes “postseason”. As things stand now, Dallas is likely to face the LA Rams in the Wild Card Round. The Rams offense is a far cry from the Football Team, don’t you think?

The Dallas Cowboys defense will have their hands full against one of the best offensive attacks in the NFL this postseason. Their defense isn’t likely to carry them a single game through the playoffs, placing the onus on the laps of the offense.

If the Dallas Cowboys want to see a shred of postseason success this year they will need to get their offense back on track. Enjoy the resurgence on defense, they will need it down the stretch and even beyond. Just don’t expect it to carry them beyond.

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Will the Dallas Cowboys offense get back on track?

  • Published on 12/15/2021 at 18:59 PM
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