The Dallas Cowboys are thinking offseason needs, so should we

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If you cover the Dallas Cowboys, December often offers a pivot point in our coverage. Are the Cowboys contending for the postseason? If yes, continue with team coverage. Are they more likely to miss the postseason? If yes, pivot to free agency and the draft.

As Cowboys fans and local media we tend to go passionately, if not glutinously, in either direction – but rarely do we dip our toes in the waters of both pools at the same time. We know for a fact the offseason personnel work at The Star never ceases. The scouting department and front office are in a constant state of analysis and planning.

The Dallas Cowboys are thinking about the postseason AND the offseason at the same time, as informed fans, we should as well.

Needs have a way of appearing and disappearing throughout the course of the season. The needs we typically get stuck on over the offseason are those that are most visible when the final bell tolls.

This recency bias has been known to mislead us as to what are the most important needs of the offseason. The Dallas Cowboys had some legitimate needs the first half of the season that don’t seem overly apparent right now. That doesn’t mean they don’t still exist just that they aren’t currently being exploited.

The first half the season it looked like Dallas had major needs on the interior defensive line. Neville Gallimore‘s return alleviates that right now, but it’s still a thin unit we cannot overlook. Linebacker has also been a disaster most of the season. Just because the LB group is coming off their best game of the season doesn’t mean the needs are any less.

Cornerback is still a mystery. I’ll always contend Anthony Brown is chronically underrated but given the value of the position, it’s something worth continued investment. The Dallas Cowboys are heavily scouting those positions in preparation for the offseason. They aren’t forgetting about their struggles earlier in the year and neither should we as media and fans.

Adythia Prabakaran just released his annual Cowboys Christmas Wishlist and it serves as a reminder that while we want to just focus on the games being played right now, we should be looking at the entire picture. It gives perspective to everything.

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Even though we’re optimistic here at Sport DFW about the Dallas Cowboys postseason, we’re not going to sleep on the looming offseason personnel decisions. It’s a vital part of the annual process and something that will help us land in an informed space when the season eventually does end for our beloved Dallas Cowboys.

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Let us know what offseason personnel issues interest you. Is there a position or player you want to discuss? The NFL Draft maybe? Let us know in the comments or reach out on social media. We want to hear from you!

  • Published on 12/19/2021 at 12:01 PM
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