Let Micah Parsons build upon his “own destiny” with the Dallas Cowboys

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If you have been on social media at all in recent weeks you will have seen a lot of conversations about Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons. Many of it is deserved. He’s shown exceptional talent and production that I have spoke on him in a previous post. But many seem to believe the world has gone crazy with the recent comparisons.

Are the LT comparisons too extreme or are they justified for Micah Parsons, the Dallas Cowboys star rookie?

Well to start comparing a rookie to the greatest player of all time at their said position is quite high praise and to be receiving this type of hype is a testament to the rookie’s skill. What I am trying to say is that it does not come from nowhere. Micah Parsons must have done something to have earned this.

And he has. Twelve sacks for a guy playing both coverage and off of the edge is incredibly special. He shows a unique combination of speed, finesse, and power that is hard to come by. Every down you expect something big happen from him.

But Lawrence Taylor was an entirely different beast. He struck fear into the hearts of offensive lineman and he was an absolute psycho on the gridiron. 142 career sacks is unheard of and over the course of 1984-1990 he got himself a total of 98 sacks. An average of 14 sacks per season.

Micah Parsons is keeping himself humble though, when asked about the Lawrence Taylor comparisons,

"“I didn’t feel it. He was a great player. I have to do my own thing. I have to build my own destiny.”"

And that is exactly what we as fans must let him do. Don’t force Micah into becoming LT, let Micah be Micah and be great doing his thing. We don’t need to throw such a young talent into the fire like this.

With Parsons competing for Defensive Player of the Year as a rookie, the comparisons were bound to come flooding in, he already has more sacks than Taylor did in his rookie season. But as Jerry Jones said there’s no need to compare the linebacker out of Penn State. If he is truly meant to be the all time great, then let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.

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What do you think Cowboys Nation? How should we be discussing Micah Parsons?