The Dallas Cowboy are finally clicking on all cylinders and that’s scary

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The Dallas Cowboys are playing their best ball of the year. Peaking just before the playoffs is exactly what successful postseason teams tend to do. It’s what we’ve been hoping and praying for all season and it’s exactly what appears to be happening right now.

The Dallas Cowboys just scored 56 points on their rival, won the NFC East, are riding a four-game winning streak, and currently holds the # 2 seed in the playoff picture. What better way to close out the season on a high note than with back-to-back wins over a struggling Cardinals team and then ending the playoffs hopes of the Eagles.

Hopefully, the win over WFT is a foreshadow of good things to come.

Finally, the Dallas Cowboys are healthy and clicking on all cylinders. That is a scary combination for the rest of the NFL.

Dallas can achieve all of these feats easily because they are finally clicking on all cylinders. After absolutely obliterating Washington Football Team in prime time, the Cowboys showed everyone what their capabilities are when the offense and defense are healthy and playing at a high level.

Just like any other explosive offense that faces a challenge to what it does best, Moore found a weakness in defenses coverages and exploited it to the maximum

Cowboys Nation has waited all season to see what their favorite team would look like it when it was fully loaded with its star players-especially at home against a common foe. Like I stated in my article last week, the Dallas Cowboys had yet to play a complete game yet on both sides of the ball because of various injuries/Covid-19 to players and coaches alike. Yet, Dallas still had a wonderful 10-4 record.

The game against WFT proved my point and showcased the effectiveness of its high-powered offense, the defense showed its tenacity to get after the quarterback, make tackles, force turnovers, score defensive touchdowns, and the coaching staff regained its coaching acumen.

Besides the win over the Minnesota Vikings, head coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore coached their best game of the season against WFT. Let’s dive into why this Dallas team is operating on all cylinders like a well-oiled machine.

 Dak Prescott and the high scoring offense are back

After the Dallas Cowboys hung a 40-burger (43 points) on the hapless Atlanta Falcons, Dallas’ offense scored points like power ball lottery numbers-9, 33, 27,27, and 21. Don’t be fooled by the high numbers because the offense was out of sync, the wide receivers dropped several passes, Dak Prescott made bad decisions with the ball and the play calling was as bland as unsweetened tea.

Fortunately, Dak Prescott and the offense found their mojo against WFT, and Dak performed like the MVP candidate we all witnessed earlier in the season. Dak orchestrated the offense like a maestro, completing laser-like passes with ease, running when he needed too, no interceptions and completed passes to nine different players. In fact, Dak became the second quarterback in NFL history to ever complete a touchdown pass to a wide receiver, tight end, running back, and offensive lineman (Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner did it 1999).

To see Dak play at an MVP level is the greatest joy possible. Dak struggled, and some called it a slump, but in reality, it was more of a combination of self-inflicted issues combined with facing tough defenses that took away what Dallas did best -the ability to throw the deep ball.

Just like any other explosive offense that faces a challenge, Moore found a weakness in defenses coverages and exploited it to the maximum. Because Dak was highly successful against the blitz, defenses backed off and started playing in Cover-2 or shells to take away the deep passes, daring Dallas to beat them underneath.

It’s hard to stop an offense that consists of three strong receivers like Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, combined with tight end Dalton Schultz and Blake Jarwin (when healthy). Then there is depth with Cedrick Wilson, Noah Brown and the rising wide out Malik Turner. Pay attention, you have all been put on notice about Turner’s upside.

Reinserting left guard Connor Williams back into the starting lineup has been beneficial and then some because he’s an excellent run-blocker and doesn’t give up too many quarterback pressures. Even though Williams was seen as a liability for his penalties, it never warranted benching him because simply put, Williams is an outstanding left guard and the best on Dallas team. Period.

This has propelled Dallas running game to another level. Please tell me a defense that can stop Dallas’ running game and passing game? I’ll wait. If you mention the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when they’re healthy, I’ll still wait because this Dallas offense is even better than the one in its opening loss to the Buccs.

It doesn’t matter because…

Dallas’ defense is the closer. The linchpin

I liken Dallas’ offense to a Cy Young-winning pitcher and its defense to a closer-like baseball Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera. Yep, that’s right, this defense closes the deal and leads the league in takeaways with 33 and has forced 14 turnovers in its last four games (15 if you want to count the blocked punt/touchdown against WFT). My Gawd!

In hindsight, this is the Dallas defense everyone expected to see once at full strength with dominant play makers like DeMarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, Micah Parsons, Neville Gallimore, Dorance Armstrong, Jr, Carlos Watkins, Chauncey Golston Trevon Diggs, Jayron Kearse, and rookie Kelvin Joseph. And there are other notable contributors in Dallas’ defensive front rotation that keeps them fresh throughout the game. Fresh legs combined with depth is a major issue for opposing offensives.

Dallas’ defense is doing all the right things to disrupt an offense of any caliber: stopping the run, pressuring/sacking the quarterback, forcing turnovers, and preventing them from scoring points. The caveat is the special teams play blocking punts and returning them for touchdowns.

Unfortunately, the critics want to point out that Dallas’ defense has faced inferior quarterback play from the likes of Taysom Hill, Taylor Heinicke (twice), and Mike Glennon during their four-game winning streak. Which is fair. So basically, the jury is still out on Dallas’ defense until it faces stiffer quarterback competition from a Pro Bowler like Kyler Murray this Sunday.

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But if Dallas had lost to those inferior quarterbacks, wouldn’t the same critics lambast Dallas’ defense for not beating an inferior foe? Who cares because…

Finally, the Dallas Cowboys are clicking on all cylinders going into the playoffs and that is scary for the entire league-and that goes for that Grinch in Green Bay known as Aaron Rodgers! BOOM!