5 Dallas Cowboys playing their last (regular season) game for Dallas

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Things always change in the NFL. Whether you’re the Dallas Cowboys or the Cleveland Browns, rosters churn heavily each and every year. That again looks to be true next season for the Cowboys. Regardless of how far the Cowboys advance in the postseason, players are gonna go. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Today we look at five such players we should all be prepared to see leave. Some will come as no surprise while others may catch you off guard. While much can change between now and the start of free agency, this is how I suspect things will play out.

Five players who may be playing their last regular season game for the Dallas Cowboys

Player No. 1….

Connor Williams, LG

Many will see Connor Williams’ name and mutter some form of “thank goodness” to themselves. A large segment of Cowboys Nation has grown weary of Connor Williams’ play strength and would rather a lesser player with more power than an athletic guy like Williams. To them I say – be careful what you wish for.

Even still, the writing is on the wall for Williams. The fourth year guard has consistently ranked in the NFL’s top half of starting guards. Roughly half the league would be thrilled to have him and he would instantly be their best interior lineman. That means the kid is getting’ paid.

After getting benched midseason for too many penalties, Williams has returned to the starting lineup and done quite well for himself.

There’s an excellent chance his departure in free agency would garner a 3rd or even 4th round compensatory pick for the Dallas Cowboys and that may be too good to pass up for the frugal Stephen Jones.

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And as mentioned earlier, the Dallas Cowboys would like to devote more of their payroll to retaining defensive talent this offseason. Throwing money at a guy like Jayron Kearse (SAF) would be a good start but that will likely come at the cost of an offensive veteran like Williams (although I project Kearse to cost half of what Williams will cost).