5 Dallas Cowboys playing their last (regular season) game for Dallas

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Dallas Cowboys on the way out

Dalton Schultz, TE

This one is going to ruffle some feathers in Cowboys Nation. Dalton Schultz has gone from zero to hero in a very short time.

Once upon a time, Cowboys fans complained about Schultz as nothing more than a career TE3. I argued with them constantly about his progression as a pro, usually to no avail. Now we have people arguing that he should be the first veteran Dallas re-signs this offseason. My, how far we’ve come!

The former Stanford TE is playing the best ball of his career and chances are likely he wants to be paid like it. It’s not inconceivable he could get top-5 TE money on the open market, and that, is too dang rich for the Dallas Cowboys’ blood.

For as much as I like Schultz and have been singing his praises, even back as a fringe roster rookie, I also believe he’s a  product of the system and as such, is somewhat replaceable.

Learning the TE position isn’t an easy task so I don’t think just any rookie can come in and seamlessly do what Schutz is doing, but cheap veterans are expected to hit the market and together with current TE3 Sean McKeon and a rookie, I think Dallas can save a ton of money letting Schultz walk.

Even if Blake Jarwin is cut (which I imagine will happen), the Dallas Cowboys need to keep costs low on offense and re-signing Schultz would do quite the opposite.