3 Dallas Cowboys players they should re-sign before the playoffs

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With the regular season over and the playoffs just days ahead, the Dallas Cowboys have a lot to think about these early days of 2022. While the near-future playoffs take pole position in all of our hearts and minds, long-term personnel decisions are just as important.

The Dallas Cowboys scouting department has been quietly working in the background all season. From scouting to the college ranks to tracking underappreciated pros on other teams, the Cowboys brain trust has a good idea what to do when the current season eventually comes to an end.

It’s safe to say, the more prepared they are today, the better the offseason transition.

One way to get a head start on that offseason transition is to get the wheels of motion started on some internal re-signings Dallas hopes to make. With multiple key players set to hit free agency in March, the Dallas Cowboys know they need to retain at least a portion of their own.

Today we look at three players the Dallas Cowboys should re-sign RIGHT NOW.

Obviously the Dallas Cowboys will not be able to retain everyone on the roster. There are spending constraints in this world and while we loudly proclaim the salary cap to be an exaggerated hurdle created by ownership to give the illusion of limits, it does exist to some extent and has to be considered in all spending scenarios.

So this isn’t an unrealistic birthday wish list but rather an opportunistic to-do list for a franchise with oodles of financial flexibility (even if the raw forecasts aren’t currently showing it).

The reason this is RIGHT NOW and not after the season is over is because the players listed here either offer something special by proactively re-signing, or they offer a savings based on their expected increased production in the postseason. Which brings us to our first player on the list. A player I expect to have an explosive postseason and a player whose value I expect to soar between now and March….

The first player the Cowboys should re-sign now