3 Dallas Cowboys players they should re-sign before the playoffs

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Players the Dallas Cowboys must re-sign right now

Jayron Kearse, SAF

Age: 27

At the beginning of this article I stated two reasons the Dallas Cowboys would want to re-sign these players NOW rather than after the season. They were

  1. The player offers something special
  2. The player is about to increase their value

The reason Dallas should re-sign Kearse early is the former. Jayron Kearse is top-performer who plays multiple roles in the Dallas Cowboys top-ranked defense. He can play multiple safety positions, Linebacker, and even some slot man cornerback.

He’s a player who is adored by teammates, fans, and coaches alike. Mike McCarthy specifically singled him out as  a Pro Bowl snub, and frankly, it’s hard to argue against the point.

Re-signing Kearse isn’t about locking him up before he breaks out. The kid has already broke out. It’s about rewarding a team leader and invigorating a man who will use this as fuel through the postseason. Not all motivators have to be negative and Kearse is exactly the kind of guy who will respond positively to some financial love from the franchise.

Not to mention, players look up to Kearse and Kearse offers them an example to look up to. He’s a guy who did things the right way and for the young guys to see him get rewarded goes a long way in hammering home the lessons he’s taught them.

Since the Dallas Cowboys signed Kearse last spring all he’s done is everything they’ve asked of him and more. Signed as a depth piece, I even predicted he’d be a camp casualty and would fail to make the final 53. I didn’t love his tape from Detroit or Minnesota and thought he’d be hard-pressed to be top-4 SAF for the Cowboys. Safe to say he outperformed everyone’s expectations this season.

I’m not sure Jayron will ever make a Pro Bowl. He may never have a season quite as good as this one either. But he’s a strong player with a versatile skill set that will always be useful. He won’t break the bank and he offers intangibles to the field and the locker room.

Why Now?

It may seem odd to re-sign players just days before the playoffs begin but if they elevate their games on the national stage (like we expect the first two to do) then signing them now would be keeping costs low.

Jayron Kearse should be re-signed simply because he’s a team leader and the team respects him. Giving him a contract now would send a signal to his teammates that if you do things the right way you get rewarded. It also send a message to Jayron to let him know his team believes in him and intends to build around him next year.

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The Dallas Cowboys aren’t going to be able to re-sign many of their players but these three need to stay and signing them now should cost less than signing them later