The Dallas Cowboys top-5 needs in the 2022 NFL Draft

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The 2022 offseason is upon us, Dallas Cowboys fans. And while it came much sooner than any of us hoped it would, it is here nonetheless. With little to no money available for free agency, Dallas will be hard pressed to keep their own guys, let alone go shopping for outside talent.

The 2022 NFL Draft remains the primary source of capital for team building extraordinaire, Will McClay. With a slate of draft picks at his disposal and a track record of success under his belt, McClay should have all the tools he needs to rebuild this Dallas Cowboys team into a contender again.

What are the Dallas Cowboys 2022 NFL Draft needs and how should they prioritize their positions of need?

As we enter the draft cycle we need to start by talking about the best player available (BPA). The BPA draft strategy is nothing new for draftniks and generally goes without saying (Yet I feel compelled to discuss it regularly because it’s good to have it fresh in our minds every time we talk draft picks).

Teams rarely regret drafting the BPA and typically get in trouble when they prioritize “need” over talent. The focus of this piece is to discuss needs. We intend to rank the Dallas Cowboys draft needs by position and by avoiding specific names, we will steer clear of any BPA scenarios. Good enough?

The Dallas Cowboys top-5 needs of the 2022 NFL Draft are (listed in reverse order…)