Dallas Cowboys fans deserve better than a GM like Jerry Jones

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From the beginning of the season, to the very last game, the 2021 Dallas Cowboys had one of their most interesting seasons in franchise history. For starters, the Cowboys set a franchise record with 530 points, 6,919 yards of offense, 22 different players scored a touchdown, they carried the number one offense, and Dak Prescott set a franchise record with 37 passing touchdowns (and Dak missed one game).

Oh, it gets better than that.

The Dallas Cowboys were the first team in NFL history to have a quarterback pass for over 4,000 yards, have running back rush for over 1,000 yards (Ezekiel Elliott), a 1,000-yard-wide receiver (CeeDee Lamb, 1,102), a defensive back with10- plus interceptions (Trevon Diggs), and a player with 10-plus sacks (Micah Parsons with 13.0 sacks). With all of those accolades and an opportunistic defense to go with it, the Cowboys were one of the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. However….

The Dallas Cowboys underachieved in the postseason once again – and Jerry Jones is to blame.

It’s an open secret that Will McClay does the real GM work while Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones take the credit and meddle just enough to sabotage the team

With so much talent on this Dallas team and the Super Bowl aspirations to go with it, the frustrating loss to the San Francisco 49ers was beyond heartbreaking for so many reasons. Losing to an inferior 49ers team is one thing, but in the manner in how Dallas lost to an old nemesis is another.

14 penalties, missed tackles, bad play calling, dropped passes, bad passes, miscommunication, undisciplined play, and being thoroughly out coached (again) are the mishaps you expect from a Pop Warner football team. Not from one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. But the angst Cowboys’ fans felt after the disastrous loss is too familiar because this feeling is something we have dealt with for over 25 years and counting.

Cowboys’ fans have been waiting since 1995

In some ways, the 49ers loss is probably the worst one because of the high expectations Dallas had.  With a Super Bowl-winning head coach leading the way-along and a defensive coordinator that coached his team in Super Bowl Ll on staff as well, the Cowboys were prepared.

Despite some valleys Dallas experienced this regular season, the feeling was the collective head coaching experience between Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn would override and correct any flaws heading into the playoffs. Of course!

But depending on your age, this recent loss is eerily similar to the one Dallas had way back in the 1994 NFC championship game against the 49ers. A game Dallas had the opportunity to win but only to lose 38-28 with questionable calls by the refs. I referenced this game not only because of the similarities but because this truly was the last time Dallas had this level of talent on both sides of the ball.

We all know the following season Dallas beat the Green Bay Packers for the right to play in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Finally, Dallas had beaten the Steelers and revenged two Super Bowl losses against the Steelers from the 1970s. And folks, that’s the last time Dallas fans have celebrated a Super Bowl-let alone an NFC Championship game.

The problem is owner/general manager Jerry Jones has played with Dallas’ fans feelings like a banjoist at a country concert. Ole Jerry promises his fans a feel-good country concert, but instead of bringing out country music sensation Luke Combs, Jerry will gift the fans the second-place singer from America’s Got Talent-hyping that person up as the next best thing. All so no one steals the spotlight from him.

Want proof? Besides hiring Bill Parcells, Jerry has hired second place or mediocre coaches like Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Wade Phillips, and Jason Garrett (Coach Clap-A-Lot). Fans are already fed up with Coach Big Mac-at least he’s better than most of his predecessors.

My point is Jerry’s the one who has held this franchise back because he has the money, the cache, and the brand to hire the best of the best coaches to give Dallas’ fans a Super Bowl. Jerry is hype-machine personified and persuaded Dallas fans over the past two decades most of those aforementioned coaches were championship-caliber.

Another disappointing fact is Dallas has had 11 trips to the playoffs without an appearance in the NFC Championship game. That is hyper sad because up until 1995, this historic franchise had appeared in more NFC Championship games than any team in the league-with 20 consecutive winning seasons to boot.

But how can Jerry appease the appetite of his rabid fan base who has stuck by his egotistical side since he bought the franchise back in 1989? Sure, the short answer is a Super Bowl victory, but Dallas cannot even get out of the first round of the playoffs.

For its loyalty, this fan base needs more than bragging rights about Dallas being the most valued sports on the planet. Or boasting about Dallas having the highest rated games almost every Sunday.  Trust me, I’m tired of having that argument with Eagles fans! My Gawd!

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Even though Jerry won’t do it, Jerry should put his ego to the side and make Dallas VP of Player Personnel Will McClay the General Manager. It’s an open secret that Jerry and Stephen Jones relies heavily on McClay, not only to find talent and run the draft room, but the real GM with football knowledge where only Jerry takes credit for. That’s why Jerry gave McClay an extension to remain with the organization – because McClay is an invaluable asset and the one that makes Jerry look good.

Jerry does look good, and his pockets look good to the tune of $10.5. Billion dollars and then some. But it is the fan base that doesn’t look good because we’re delusional enough to believe Luke Combs is coming to the stage! BOOM!