Why Cowboys fans want Leftwich and Eberflus to win HC jobs

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At face value, Dallas Cowboys fans shouldn’t be overly concerned with the head coaching futures of Matt Euberflus and Byron Leftwich. Don’t get me wrong, they are both good guys deserving of good things, but that alone isn’t enough for Cowboys fans to be overtly “pulling for them” in this offseason interview process.

But in a trickledown kinda way, Cowboys fans should be VERY interested in the futures of Leftwich and Eberflus because their futures are directly related to Dan Quinn’s future. You see, Quinn, Eberflus, and Leftwich are all competing for head coaching jobs this offseason. If our tracking is correct, there is some overlap between the three.

To put it bluntly, if Leftwich and Eberflus get hired, there’s an excellent chance Dan Quinn returns to the Dallas Cowboys

Dan Quinn is a finalist for two head coaching positions: Denver and Chicago. In Denver he’s going against the likes of Kevin O’Connell (Rams OC) and Nathaniel Hackett (GB OC). I think there’s a good chance they pull the trigger on on Hackett since he’s offensive minded and would grease the wheels on a possible Aaron Rodgers acquisition.

Chicago, I’m nervous. Here Quinn is going against Eberflus (Colts DC) and Jim Caldwell. I believe Eberflus to be his biggest competition in Chicago so it makes sense I pull for Eberflus (former Cowboys assistant coach) to get the Bears job.

The only problem is, Eberflus is a finalist in Jacksonville as well. That’s where Byron Leftwich comes into play. Leftwich is a finalist in Jacksonville with Eberflus. If Leftwich gets the gig in Jacksonville, it means Eberflus is all-in on Chicago. See where I’m going with this?

If Dallas wants Dan Quinn to come back for another season they should be hoping Byron Leftwich and Matt Eberflus win coaching jobs

So if Hackett gets the HC job in Denver like we think. And if Leftwich gets the job in Jacksonville like we hope. And Eberflus gets the job in Chicago over Quinn. That means Dan Quinn returns to the Dallas Cowboys to lead the defense another season (something we all want).

I admit. I may have taken this a little too far into the weeds, but you can see my logic. If Matt Eberflus and Byron Leftwich kill it in their interviews and win their respective head coaching jobs, Dan Quinn comes back to be the DC of the Dallas Cowboys.

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For those wondering, Kellen Moore does not appear to be a head coach finalist for any opening. He’s primed to return to Dallas (although that is not a given) as long as the head coach signs off on it (whomever that may be).