Dallas Cowboys: 5 free agent tight ends to replace Dalton Schultz

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The Dallas Cowboys are in a state flux at the tight end position. TE1 Dalton Schultz is a free agent who is expected to pull a pretty penny on the open market. And TE2, Blake Jarwin, is a possible cap casualty. Internally, no one appears ready to take over the lead role anytime soon, meaning the Cowboys will have to look for new blood if they decide to move on from Schultz and Jarwin.

The 2022 NFL Draft is a viable option since that’s the route Dallas traditionally goes for their main roster building needs. But the tight end position is a tricky one and not the plug-and-play type that so many other NFL positions tend to be.

As Dalton Schultz showed us, it makes time to develop into a starter and it’s a tall order to ask a rookie (even a highly drafted rookie) to come in and start on Day 1. If the Dallas Cowboys intend to compete in the postseason next year, they need a reliable player starting at TE.

Today we look at five free agent tight ends the Dallas Cowboys could consider this offseason.

Some will be long-term solutions while others will be short-term place holders. The idea, in any case, is to either improve from Dalton Schultz or to save money. After all, it would be pretty pointless to accomplish neither.

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With everyone on the same page and ready to roll, let’s start with a familiar name…

Rob Gronkowski/O.J. Howard

Ages: 32/27

This is actually more for O.J. Howard than it is for the man they call “Gronk”. Don’t get me wrong, I’d sign Gronk at my TE1 next year in heartbeat, it’s just I’m not sure he wants to leave Tampa Bay. Regardless of what happens with Brady and Gronk, I think Howard’s time in Tampa is done.

Dallas Cowboys fans have been trying to finagle the former first rounder out of Florida for years now. They see the potential Howard offers and his chronic underutilization and want save him.

The Dallas Cowboys could offer Howard a one-year deal and a prominent role as TE1. It would allow him to build his stock up for next year when he’ll be 28-years-old and the salary cap makes another jump up. Spotrac estimates he’ll pull more than $8 million per year on his next deal. I think that’s high and would never come close to that figure. But I would be willing to go 1-year for $6-7M while drafting and developing someone in the background.

It’s tough to say what Howard will demand on the market but if the price is right he could be an excellent stop-gap for the Dallas Cowboys.