Dallas Cowboys: 5 free agent tight ends to replace Dalton Schultz

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Free Agent TEs for the Dallas Cowboys

Maxx Williams

Age: 27

Now we move to a different breed of tight end. The guys who have flown under the radar but quietly hold special value. Maxx Williams is one of those guys. Constantly buried on all-star depth charts, Williams hasn’t had many opportunities to shine. And when he has, an ill-timed injury (wait, is there such a thing as a well-timed injury?) has nipped his momentum in the bud.

Last year was Maxx Williams’ best season until he was lost in week 5 to a season ending knee injury. Before that, he was rated as 14th best run-blocker in the NFL (run-blocking TE specialists included). Even as a pass-catcher he was coming into his own, posting 16 catches for 193 yards and a touchdown in just 4.5 games.

He’s going to be the most affordable option we’ve looked at so far and may be the most well-rounded too.

Mo Alie-Co

Age: 28

Mo Alie-Cox only caught 24 balls for 316 yards last season but he played a ton of snaps in Indianapolis’ run-heavy offense. Rated as one of the top blockers in the game, Big Mo is a valuable tool for any offense determined to run the ball.

The Dallas Cowboys love to run the ball. Despite being completely inept through most of the year, they insisted on running the ball leading me to believe major investment up front is needed. If Dallas won’t stop running up the middle for negative EPA runs, then we better find a way to open holes better. This is a good way to do that.


Mike Gesicki from Miami seems to be the only free agent who I believe to be better than Dalton Schultz (and that’s debatable) but since many predict he’ll be even more expensive, I’m taking a hard pass. Dallas needs to save money on offense, not spend more. They want to invest in their defense and that means avoiding high priced additions on offense.

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In any case the Dallas Cowboys must draft a mid-round TE and start the development process. Which option above interests you the most?