Dallas Cowboys: The perfect 3-round 2022 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

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The Dallas Cowboys are a team that build their roster almost exclusively through the draft. Sure, they sign a handful of mid-to-low tier free agents each year, but they usually don’t amount to much more than role players in Dallas (Jayron Kearse notwithstanding).

It’s safe to say if the Dallas Cowboys hope to significantly upgrade their roster it will be in the 2022 NFL Draft and not in free agency. Armed with a slate of draft picks, the Cowboys are equipped to add at least three top-100 picks to their roster.

We run our first 3-round 2022 NFL Mock Draft for the Dallas Cowboys today

In what is sure to be the first of many, we look at some of the players the Dallas Cowboys could see with their first three picks. With the Senior Bowl happening as we speak, and the NFL Combine and subsequent Pro Days still ahead, draft boards will change considerably between now and April 28th.

But as a starting point, let’s go here today. Here is the first 3-round 2022 NFL Mock Draft of the Dallas Cowboys 2022 offseason.

Round 1, Pick 24

Tyler Linderbaum, OC


This doesn’t happen very often. Tyler Linderbaum was a top-3 hope of mine in December when I officially began the draft research process, and he’s a top-3 hope of mine today. Rarely does expectations meet reality for me but it happened here.

Rated as the 16th player on The Draft Network’s big board, Tyler Linderbaum is by no means a lock to even be on the board when Dallas goes on the clock.

But based on previous draft trends, centers tend to fall in the draft – especially when tackles are still on the board.  The way the 2022 NFL Draft is shaping up, there are going to be handful of mid-round OTs on the board and one elite OG in that 10-25 range. So the dream is alive and in this situation the Dallas Cowboys effectively address their weakest offensive position first in the draft.


Tyler Linderbaum projects as an elite NFL center. Dreams of 2013 wash over me as I make this pick, harkening back to the day Dallas drafted Travis Frederick in the first round of an extremely weak draft.

The only player I have rated above Linderbaum right now is Kenyon Green. Sadly, Green keeps going to Philadelphia so he isn’t an option at this moment. But either pick is an ideal situation for Dallas since the middle of their O-line requires the most attention this offseason.