Dallas Cowboys 2022 7-Round Mock Draft: Post-Senior Bowl Edition

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The Senior Bowl is arguably the biggest postseason event for NFL draftniks (Dallas Cowboys and others alike). While the upcoming 2022 NFL Combine offers the headlines and buzz, it’s the Senior Bowl that scouts adore and has the tremendous ability to disrupt. For small school prospects, this couldn’t be more evident.

Small school prospects notoriously get dinged because of the level of competition they face. If you’re a legit prospect OF COURSE you stood out against inferior competition. The Senior Bowl allows scouts to see what happens when those small school kids face off against big school (Power 5) kids. If they shine against the best, then they are legit. If they struggle, then you know only appeared good on film because they were beating up on easy opponents.

For prospects coming from Power-5 conferences it’s also a chance to show out. Sometimes scheme and strategy can hold a player back. A defensive end in a 2-gap system may not be free to attack like an edge player in an odd-front scheme elsewhere, is champing at the bit to show it’s the scheme and not them. Getting them side by side and playing the same scheme strips out the noise and allows teams to focus on the players and not the roles they had to play in college.

The Senior Bowl is over and we run a Dallas Cowboys 2022 7-Round mock draft to reflect what we’ve learned.

Now that the Senior Bowl has concluded, we take stock of the players who shined. Which players rose up boards and which players slipped beneath the hard deck? So with a focus on the Senior Bowl we run a 7-round mock draft for the 2022 Dallas Cowboys. Using the scouts at The Draft Network for our primary grades, draft position, and simulations, we get a pretty good pulse on the situation and what the Dallas Cowboys could be seeing.