The 2022 MLB lockout hurts the Texas Rangers more than others

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Two months ago, as MLB’s collective bargaining agreement expired, owners locked out players and the 2022 season was put on an indefinite hiatus. Today, just days after Major League Baseball Players Association rejected the owners’ request to resolve this issue by means of federal mediation, we’re no closer. And that hurts the Texas Rangers.

Technically, this lockout hurts all MLB teams. Everyone is in the same boat: owners in theirs and players in theirs. It’s “collective” after all. But this one hurts the Texas Rangers more than many others

With so many new and young players to incorporate, the Texas Rangers find themselves especially disadvantaged by the lockout.

Normally I’d say this is a great time to be a cruddy baseball team. And based on their 60-102 record in 2021, the Texas Rangers certainly qualify for the “cruddy” designation. But this offseason the Texas Rangers swung big. Super duper big. Like set the record for most spending in an offseason kind big.

The Texas Rangers shot their shot this offseason and they expect a turnaround this upcoming season. They’re a work in progress with roughly half the positions possibly occupied by new players this season.

In addition to welcoming the new high-priced free agents, the Texas Rangers are also in the midst of a youth movement. They have prospects climbing up the ranks and competing for spots. That’s not a transition made easier by a lockout.

While the experienced players will be ready ball immediately, they have no continuity with the club like veteran players who are returning to their old teams. The lockout affects teams with the greatest turnover the most. And the Texas Rangers are experiencing some major turnover this year.

Delayed spring training and a delayed start to the season are all but assured. And a shortened season brought on by an extended lockout is all but expected. When this thing does get settled, it’s going to be a rush to recoup revenue. Owners need to sell tickets and that will take priority over a full and proper build-up.

Veteran read-made clubs will be at advantage this year. They will only be tasked with picking up where they left off. Bad teams bidding their time will be largely unaffected as well. Many of them are either trying to shed salary or just interested in playing the waiting game.

The Texas Rangers are trying to change, incorporate, and improve this season. Pretty awful timing don’t you think?

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Must Read. The Rangers are going to be dangerous. light

When do you think this lockout gets settled? What are the repercussions and how do you think Texas will do?