3 Dallas Cowboys that should stay and 3 that should go

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It’s only Super Bowl week and already there are rumblings about the future of certain key members of the Dallas Cowboys. Based on what we’ve heard and seen, some players are on the chopping block and others are possible free agent losses. Turnover is expected.

Given Stephen Jones’ track record, the Dallas Cowboys are not going to keep everyone. Veterans will be cut and free agents will be let free. To the Joneses, winning is tricky in the NFL but making money is easy. We can be assured the Cowboys brain-trust will be doing everything they can to ensure the latter. And with a little luck, they can succeed in the former, why not…

With winning being my/our top objective, here are three Dallas Cowboys that must stay and three that can go this offseason

As a bit of a preface – We are not going to operate this exercise as if money doesn’t matter. Money is real – even if the salary cap is mostly fake. Contracts can be manipulated quite easily and the bill doesn’t inevitably come due like some have you believe.

But we’re also not trying to push the boundaries to their limits either. We’re trying to be somewhat responsible spenders here, with a goal towards winning the postseason and not cutting underperforming players with reckless abandon.

Ezekiel Elliott for instance: He deserves to be cut and costs far too much against the cap next season. But cutting him at this juncture is too costly so it’s not really an option (for more on that see also: When can/will Dallas cut Zeke?)