3 Dallas Cowboys that should stay and 3 that should go

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Dallas Cowboys Offseason

Stay: DeMarcus Lawrence

Cap Hit: $27 million

Age: 29

Argument: DeMarcus Lawrence has a lot of fans in Cowboys Nation. He also has a lot of enemies. On the books for $27M this coming season, Tank is certifiably overpaid. That number sounds even worse when you consider he only played seven games last season.

But Tank is a very good player. He’s arguably the third-best defensive player on defense (after Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs) and he’s a team leader as well. Like Tyrone Crawford was for so many years before, he’s overpaid but also extremely useful. Unlike Crawford, Tank has the ability to take over and has zero holes in his game.

It’s too big of a number to digest so I’d rather restructure with a few more guarantees and commit to him longer, than lose him for nothing and be left with a big gaping hole at LDE. Keep in mind, he’s not even 30 yet, and last year was the first time in five seasons Tank missed more than one game in a season, so it’s not like he’s over the hill or injury prone.

Go: Michael Gallup

Cap Figure: $11.8 million (per Spotrec estimation)

Age: 25

Argument: I love Michael Gallup tremendously. I appreciate what he brings to his offense: his ball skills down the sideline and his plays in the endzone.  But I also see a lot of money being spent elsewhere at WR and since I insist on keeping Amari, I’m content with losing Michael.

At various times in Gallup’s career he’s been given a role bigger than WR3 and in nearly all of those times he’s underwhelmed. Paying him to be something he’s not is a dangerous investment and unless he’s willing to come back on a half-price deal, I’m not interested in bringing him back.

No. 3 WRs aren’t very costly these days and Dallas has a variety of ways to go about filling that spot more economically.