7 lessons the Dallas Cowboys should have learned from the Super Bowl

Nfl Super Bowl 56 Los Angeles Rams Vs Cincinnati Bengals Feb 13 2022 3169
Nfl Super Bowl 56 Los Angeles Rams Vs Cincinnati Bengals Feb 13 2022 3169 /

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot to learn from this year’s Super Bowl teams. Sizing them up, the Cowboys are in prime position to be better than both next season, if they only learn the lessons from the Big Game.

Today we look at 7 lessons the Dallas Cowboys should learn from the Super Bowl

If the Dallas Cowboys were paying attention they would notice the following…

Offensive lines matter – Eventually it caught up with Joe Burrow. The Cincinnati offensive line has been poor all season long, and in the playoffs they were historically poor in protecting their franchise QB.

The Dallas Cowboys know this lesson pretty well already. They saw their O-line fade as the year went on and appear to have every intention of correcting it. Sunday was confirmation.

It’s a QB-driven league – the most important player on the field is almost always the QB and that was certainly true in the Super Bowl. While Aaron Donald may have been the best player and Cooper Kupp the MVP, it was the signal callers who really made everything happen.

Both teams went out of their way to get their QB installed, surround him with talent, and play the game to his strengths. That’s an important lesson

Early down runs should be used sparingly – The Rams seemed to make things needlessly difficult for themselves by running the ball so often on early downs. The Cowboys do this ALL THE TIME.

You can scheme your WRs open – Cooper Kupp is a brilliant WR who executes in both phases of the game. He’s an asset everywhere and his coaches know it. Even though the Bengals knew the Rams wanted to get the ball to him, they were unable to deny his touches. Even after OBJ left the field the Rams were able to feed Kupp.

Good coaches can find ways to get the ball to their top players. The Dallas Cowboys need to find ways to scheme the ball to their playmakers in the same way.

Dominant D-lines – Having strong pressure players on the front four allows the defense to sit back and and flood the secondary with defenders. Passing windows are small and everything gets contested.

Blitzing should be the exception and not the rule and having dominant players up front is how it all starts.

Injuries aren’t a death knell – both teams were riddled with injury this season and both found ways to overcome. The Rams even pulled Eric Weddle out of retirement to make their playoff charge.

The Super Bowl is worth it – The LA Rams made this happen. They went all in. They traded for key players, sent off nearly all of their draft picks, paid their free agents, and essentially went all-in and you know what? It paid off.

Talent is important but not the most important – The Bengals were a good team but hardly the second best team. They got hot at the right time and made an improbable charge to the Super Bowl. As the Dallas Cowboys know all-too-well, the most talented rosters don’t always go, and other factors can play just as big of a part in determining winners and losers. Some of those are discussed above and others come down to coaching and simple execution. The Dallas Cowboys need to improve in both areas

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Any lessons we miss?