The long road for the Dallas Cowboys starts now

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry JonesSyndication The Record
Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry JonesSyndication The Record /

The Super Bowl is over, the Rams are the champions, the draft season has officially started, and the Dallas Cowboys have sent out a message that they are changing their mindset and working toward next season.

After watching the Rams go all-in on free agency, maybe the Dallas Cowboys front office has changed their mindset to how to build this team going forward. With all the decisions looming, a recent history of going cheap in free agency, and a disappointing finish to the season, the team’s post seems a little strange and a huge amount of fans were not approving of the post.

Shifting the mindset…

If the Cowboys want to be in the Super Bowl next season, the work has to start and continue. Far too long have we seen this team sit idly by in both free agency and at the trade dealing, rolling with “all the work” they did in the offseason. However, there is a chance watching the Rams could force some change, but knowing the sacrifice they made for a season to pay with money for next season may not excite Stephen Jones.

The long road to the Dallas Cowboys’ 2022 season starts now, but we don’t need a hype video, we need team building and a real shift in mindset.

Either way, the road to the 2022 season does in fact start now. With the Senior Bowl in the books, the next thing on the calendar is the HBCU Legacy Bowl on the 19th, then off to the Combine starting March 1st.

March 2nd teams can start tagging players before the free agency legal tampering period hits on March 14th and then free agency on March 16th. From that point forward, offseason workouts can start, the draft hits at the end of April, and then the long wait through some rookie mini-camps and eventually training camp. Catch the full 2022 offseason schedule here.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, the draft preparation has started, and now that the draft order is finalized, teams will start their own process of building their boards, making projections, and targeting players. The only questions that remain in regards to the draft itself will be the compensatory picks.

The NFL has learned how to make the league a year-round entertainment force. The next two months will be huge for the 2022 Dallas Cowboys, but the work needs to continue past these months. It isn’t just about the players and the coaching.

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It isn’t a simple “just execute” catchphrase. No, building a team takes twelve full months and starts with the front office. The mindset shouldn’t have to shift, but here we all are at the end of 2021, and the road to 2022 is just beginning.