If the Dallas Cowboys want to win a SB then it’s time for this

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 09: Head coach Sean Payton. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 09: Head coach Sean Payton. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

After 20 plus years of inconsistent winning and an early round exist in the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys continue the franchise’s longest drought of not making it to the NFC Championship game.

But what stood out more than anything else from that painful loss to the San Francisco 49ers was the anger and frustration Jerry Jones displayed.  Shortly after that loss, Jerry fumed losing to an inferior 49ers team at home. With all of the talent on the roster, Jerry had every right to be mad.

The last time Jerry was this frustrated with a head coach was in 1994 when he infamously fired former head coach Jimmy Johnson after winning the Super Bowl (Cowboys Nation is still mad at Jerry).

Then the rumors swirled last month about head coach Mike McCarthy getting axed for the recently retired Sean Payton or possibly defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

The Dallas Cowboys should do anything they can to hire Sean Payton because he’s the best man for the job

Before I start my soliloquy, I want to say I’m a long-time supporter of Coach Big Mac. But I’m also aware of Coach Big Mac’s flaws and how he’s coached the Dallas Cowboys in his second year with a healthy Dak Prescott under center for an entire season.

When the rumors surfaced, however, I was somewhat hoping for Payton to be named the next head coach because simply he’s the better coach with a track record to prove it. Most importantly, Payton is nobody’s puppet and would be the most powerful Dallas Cowboys coach since Bill Parcells.

Payton is a disciplinarian that would hold players accountable. He would play the best player (regardless of salary), have some input in the draft, and Payton is not a puppet.

If Dallas wants that coveted Lombardi trophy, Jerry might as well fire Coach Big Mac right now and immediately hire Payton because it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. According to site expert Reid Hanson, it is going to happen in 2023 because simply put, Jerry has a few options to replace Coach Big Mac if things go south.

Like everyone else who watched Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams win his first Super Bowl (in his second appearance in four years), we noticed that McVay is an offensive minded coach that knows how to scheme his best players open and allow them to flourish with their skillset.

Including the playoffs, Super Bowl MVP wide receiver Cooper Kupp had 178 receptions, 2,425 receiving yards, and 22 receiving yards (statically, the best season ever for a receiver). Well Payton is all that because he’s as much as a so called “offensive genius” as McVay is and then some.

Imagine if Payton was coaching Dallas’ high-octane offense against the 49ers. Do you truly believe Dallas would have all of those dumb, game-changing penalties? Would Amari Cooper get more touches? How about CeeDee Lamb getting his fair share of grabs, too? What about Ezekiel Elliott resting his injured knee instead of playing? I could go on and on about how Payton turns every one of Dallas’ negatives into a monumental positives.

Another positive for Payton is his game plan preparation, knowing situational football, and scheming for upcoming opponents. Whether its former quarterback Drew Brees playing under center, Jameis Winston, or Taysom Hill, opposing defenses struggled to shut down New Orleans offense because of Payton’s offensive ingenuity. I’ll give you some recent proof.

With starter Winston out for the season with a torn ACL, Payton coached up Hill to put the Saints in position to make the playoffs (but just fell short because the 49ers beat the eventual Super Bowl champions Los Angeles Rams in the season finale). Against Dallas, Hill ran all over Dallas’ defense, passed for a touchdown and played decently until Hill’s costly turnovers (four) lost the Saints the game.

Payton is nobody’s puppet and would be the most powerful Cowboys coach since Bill Parcells

No one thinks Hill is a starting NFL QB so this speaks volumes to how Payton used Hill’s strengths to win games down the stretch. Remember, Payton used Taysom Hill to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road last season. Once again, that’s Payton knowing how to attack an opponent’s weaknesses, and how to get the most from his own players’ strengths.

As Dallas’ head coach and having offensive weapons galore, Payton would have a field day and would literally put on an offensive showcase every Sunday afternoon. The offensive fireworks would look like a Fourth of July celebration because of all the touchdowns being scored, endless offensive formations, schemes, and motions tailored to each offensive talent!  Man…I’m getting hyped just thinking about it.

For once, a player like Tony Pollard could be used in space similarly to the way the Saints used Alvin Kamara. The receiving corps of Cooper, Lamb, Michael Gallup, Cedrick Wilson, Dalton Schultz, Blake Jarwin would put too much pressure on defensive coordinators because Payton would truly make them choose their beat down. More importantly, Payton would definitely make Dak better in the process.

Imagine what Dak would do under Payton’s tutelage.  And I understand it is possible some of those players might not be on Dallas’ roster, but the majority of them should be.

One of the main reasons Jerry should hire Payton is because he’s a disciplinarian that would hold players accountable, he would play the best player (regardless of salary), have some input in the draft, and Payton is not a puppet. For someone of Payton’s stature, Jerry will yield to some degree in order to win a Super Bowl because he knows Payton can deliver.

The long road for the Dallas Cowboys starts now. light. Read

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In terms of compensation for Payton, Dallas can use a combination of players/draft capital to satisfy the Saints appetite while still remaining a playoff contender. I’m not suggesting mortgaging the team’s future, but there are several ways to make it happen if Jerry really wants to win another Super Bowl.

Anything short of Coach Big Mac miraculously winning the Super Bowl, Jerry is going to fire him. So, Jerry go ahead and do the inevitable because hiring Payton is the only way you’re going to win another Super Bowl before it’s too late. BOOM!