3 Reasons the Dallas Cowboys will draft DT Jordan Davis

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Ask just about any Dallas Cowboys fans what this current defense needs most, and they’ll probably tell you they need an elite interior defensive lineman. Frankly, it’s been this case for years. The Cowboys notoriously neglect the middle, opting to fill those roles with mid-to-late picks and NFL journeymen rather than devote real actual resources to the position.

So when the subject of Jordan Davis is broached, Dallas Cowboys fans instinctually mutter a variation of “that’ll be the day.”

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t opposed to drafting a run-stuffing DT like Jordan Davis as long as he checks the right boxes

Not all DTs are created equal and just because Jordan Davis was a part-time run-stuffing specialist at Georgia, does not mean he’s automatically off the table for Dallas on draft day. Today we look at three reasons the Dallas Cowboys could consider him an exception to their unwritten rule…

Reason No. 1: The Climate

It wouldn’t entirely come as a surprise if the 2022 NFL Draft turns out to be the craziest draft ever. This year we seem to be without the elite blue chip players or flashy QB prospects that usually populate the top-10 picks.  Actually, the best players with the most appropriate value could be found around when the Dallas Cowboys pick at 24.

With no top-tier big-time quarterback prospects and not even a clear cut, must have, can’t miss position player on the board, things can fall a multitude of ways this April. As a matter of fact, you could argue the safest, most NFL ready players will be the ones to fall because the best talent in this draft just so happens to play positions that are considered low value. 

The wild landscape of the 2022 NFL Draft plus the concept of taking the best player available makes Jordan Davis a no brainer selection…if he’s available.

Does this describe Iowa Center, Tyler Linderbaum? Absolutely it does. Georgia Linebacker Nakobe Dean? Definitely. Both are remarkable, yet many will consider them undersized, or in Linderbaum’s case, thought to be scheme specific.

Think about it: Dean is a small off-ball linebacker. Teams will literally be taking lesser players because they believe in measurables, position value, needs and projections. He may be the best in the class but some teams will pass him over. Linderbaum the same. He would immediate upgrade more than half the offensive lines around the league but teams will ignore the film and hit him for positional value and size.

If Linderbaum and Dean are gone, and Davis still on the board, the Dallas Cowboys should sprint to the podium with his name on the card. Reason one of three that Dallas will pick him is if he happens to be the best player available.

there are many misconceptions about the type game Jordan Davis plays (and how much).

In the same vein there may not be a player in this draft who does their job better than Jordan Davis. Cowboy fans recognize the impact a Linderbaum could have. They love the energy Dean brings. But many are still not sold on Jordan Davis…

Now, there’s plenty of misconceptions about the game Jordan Davis plays (and how much).

Which brings us to item number two. Let’s get to it, shall we?