Will the Dallas Cowboys handle their offseason differently this time?

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As the calendar flips over from February to March, so begins the new league year. The Dallas Cowboys will be busy making roster decisions for the foreseeable future. They already franchise tagged free agent TE Dalton Schultz and signed WR Noah Brown an it’s safe to say plenty more moves are on the way.

Soon the legal tampering portion of free agency will begin, followed by free agency proper and then it’s all about the NFL Draft. It’s a chance for 30 teams around the league to get over that hump and compete for the Super Bowl in 2022.

Why just 30 teams? Well, one team doesn’t have a hump to get over. The Rams are Super Bowl Champions.

The Dallas Cowboys front office, meanwhile, is showing they’re once again willing to ride the train of being good enough to be good, but not interested in striving to be great.

The Dallas Cowboys have shown us time and time again how they handle the offseason is there any reason to think this year will be different?

The plan, it seems, for the Cowboys is to cut their best wide receiver, their second best defensive player and give a chunk of that money to (drumroll please)… a slightly above average tight end and a very limited wide receiver.

The rumor mill is more than buzzing with word that the Dallas Cowboys plan to part ways with Amari Cooper and DeMarcus Lawrence this season in order to save cap space. They are also willing to let Dalton Schultz play on the franchise tag, which comes with a $10+ million price tag.

Not saying the Dallas Cowboys and the Joneses love being the regular season champs followed by the butt of post season disappointment, but it’s what they continue to choose. So far, we see the wheels spin in the same direction they have been for going on three decades now.

Let’s turn the page and discuss the facepalmination of these early off season moves.