Will the Dallas Cowboys handle their offseason differently this time?

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Dallas Cowboys fans see that Cooper and Lawrence probably failed to live up to their expectations of their respective contracts. They see the cap hit and understand why their status is in jeopardy. So they would probably get on board with potentially releasing said players if there was any single piece of evidence the Cowboys brass would spend the savings wisely.

The issue is there IS NO EVIDENCE. They never spend the money wisely. Money saved by releasing players is very rarely reinvested into the roster. It’s pocketed. Cowboys fans want their team better, not their owner’s son richer.

The upcoming 2022 NFL Draft and the current free agent pool is stocked full of talented TEs who could help the Dallas Cowboys, but the team plans on placing the franchise tag on Dalton Schultz at a rate of $10.3 million. Perhaps an insurance policy knowing Blake Jarwin could be done due to injury? Sure, but the policy is too expensive to make sense. The answer is simple. Buy a cheaper policy!

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The Dallas Cowboys have also been in discussion to lock up Michael Gallup for the long term following his injury riddled 2021 season and recent ACL surgery.

Restructuring Dak Prescott and Zack Martin, plus the dismissal of Cooper and Lawrence, frees up enough money to make these things happen, but it’s exactly why fans faith in the front office has eroded over the years. Cutting two Pro Bowl talents to give money to two guys who are significantly easier to replace isn’t something to be celebrated.

The good faith from fans is broken. Let’s flip the page.