The Dallas Cowboys are going to make the 2022 NFL Draft exciting

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The Dallas Cowboys love them some NFL Draft. Perhaps too much. The Cowboys put so much stock in the draft, they brashly ignore the peak of free agency, preferring to make most roster upgrades with unproven rookies rather than break the bank on proven veteran commodities.

For as risky and frustrating as this has been over the years, it’s generally served the Dallas Cowboys fairly well. In addition to hitting on some late round gems (Dak Prescott, Anthony Brown, Jabril Cox, Neville Gallimore, etc…), they’ve also avoided disaster by botching their first round picks.

While their drafting strategies are far from flawless, Will McClay and his scouting team are regarded as the best in the business, and they have the trust of the Joneses to handle business in the war room. In just the past two years the Dallas Cowboys have added CeeDee Lamb, Trevon Diggs, Micah Parsons, and Osa Odighizuwa via draft.

The Dallas Cowboys are proficient in populating their roster with young players on rookie deals and they seem to know it. That may explain why they seem to be doubling-down on their roster-building blueprint.

The Dallas Cowboys could have as many as four extra picks in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft.

For as painful as it is to listen to Stephen Jones complain about overpaid players and how they may be on the trade block, flipping them for picks has some allure. Now, there are virtually no circumstances in which the Dallas Cowboys get proper value for either Amari Cooper or La’el Collins via trade, but if both are being forced out anyway, it’s nice to get a little something for them in exchange.

La’el Collins figures to garner a Day 1 or Day 2 draft pick compensation. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility trading both players will yield north of three pick in return. With three picks in the top-100 already, the Dallas Cowboys could roll into the 2022 NFL Draft with as many as five top-100 picks.

Think of the fun they could have with those kinds of resources. Now imagine if they trade back a few spots in the first round (like they always seem to try to do). They could essentially populate half their roster with players playing on rookie deals.

We know Stephen Jones likes this idea because it means more money in his wallet, but draftniks stand to win as well since Dallas would experience a windfall of rookie talent coming their way. Is it the best method of a attack for a franchise trying to win RIGHT NOW. Hell no.

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But it seems to be the reality we’re living in and if veterans are on the way out anyway, we might as well enjoy the potential returns.

That’s why this upcoming 2022 NFL Draft figures to be a pretty wild ride for Dallas Cowboys fans. Dallas is readjusting their roster for the next few years and they are using draft picks to do it. This year’s draft could be enormous for this franchise if the Cowboys stay to their word and move La’el Collins and Amari Cooper for picks.

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We may not like what Stephen Jones is doing to the Dallas Cowboys roster but one thing is for sure, it’s going to make the 2022 NFL Draft all the more exciting.