5 Steps the Dallas Cowboys can still make to salvage free agency

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Dallas Cowboys salvage plan

Step 3: Will Fuller/Robert Woods/Van Jefferson/Odell Beckham Jr, WR

With Amari Cooper gone, the Dallas Cowboys need a receiver. luckily options are out there, the best of which, could be pried free from LA.

The Rams just signed Allen Robinson to a big deal this week meaning they have too many pass-catchers and not enough balls. Robert Woods, returning from ACL injury, is the most likely candidate to move.

He’s a proven top-2 WR with polished ball skills that fit in virtually any system. He’s a plug and play addition Dallas could add for a Day 3 pick. It’s hard to hate this.

Van Jefferson, LA’s slot WR behind Cooper Kupp, is one of the best route runners in the NFL. The problem is he’s stuck behind Cooper Kupp. He’s another cheap option who would thrive on Day 1 in Dallas.

The above two options are fairly low risk but neither of them fix a problem now plaguing the Dallas Cowboys: Speed

Both of Dallas’ starting WRs have 40 times above 4.5 sec. They lack deep speed and defenses will exploit that. Will Fuller and Odell Beckham Jr would prevent that.

Both WRs are coming off major injury so both come with major durability questions. But the upside is enormous and the commitment to either would be pretty digestible given said injury concerns.

Having either Fuller or Beckham line up outside would stretch the defense and allow CeeDee Lamb to take the bulk of his snaps in the slot where he’s at his best.