Dallas Cowboys play finders keepers with Jayron Kearse

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To the joy of many, the Dallas Cowboys will finally put ink to paper in signing safety Jayron Kearse to a two year, $10 million dollar contract (with incentives to make $11 million dollars total). Putting all parties at ease, fans included, the Dallas Cowboys are returning one of their most versatile players from 2021 and ensuring some continuity on Dan Quinn’s defense.

Following his breakout year it was decision time for both Jayron Kearse and the Dallas Cowboys.

Things were looking grim and fans were growing in frustration with how the Dallas Cowboys brass were handling free agency. Randy Gregory slipped through their grasp. Dalton Schultz was brought back for $11 million dollars on the franchise tag. And a plethora of outside free agents passed them in the night.

Michael Gallup received a nice contract (which is good news), but there’s uncertainty about his return date (which is bad news). And in case you were wondering, there were no parades thrown when the team signed WR James Washington, DE Dante Fowler or re-signed LB Leighton Vander Esch either.

Some may have sarcastically cheered as the Dallas Cowboys re-signed long snapper Jake McQuaide. Because there’s something ironically awesome and fun about rooting for the long snapper.

Otherwise, outside of the brilliance of bringing back McQuaide, free agency was once again underwhelming for Dallas Cowboy fans (and coaches, and merchandisers).

While the Dallas Cowboys front office explains the “value” in terms of production vs. dollars in their signings, other teams are simply beating their chest over what a difference maker their team landed.

It’d be nice if the Dallas Cowboys signed an outside free agent who’s a difference maker, but this is how they do things and they finally hit on one of their cheap buys.

That’s when the Dallas Cowboys front office put us all on the edge of our seats. Were they going to get this deal done? Kearse’s play clearly earned him a significant bump in pay, but would he get it?

There was speculations about the hang up between Kearse and the Dallas Cowboys. What did his market look like? What’s his asking price? If the market was low on Kearse, why should the Cowboys pay him above that?

The answer, as Jayron Kearse pointed out on Twitter many times, is respect. Was that directed at the Dallas Cowboys? Maybe, maybe not. We will never know, but if the front office is dealing in good faith, then they should meet the player in the middle and say, “hey, your market across the league is low, but we know you’re valuable to us and to Quinn with what we do here.”

Could Jayron Kearse and Malik Hooker become the Safety tandem the Dallas Cowboys have been missing?

It appears the Dallas Cowboys did just that. Kearse is now with the team for the next two seasons while potentially being able to double in the next two seasons what he made total in the first six years of his career.

Dallas also signed free safety Malik Hooker to a two year deal. Ironically, Hooker was a top tier 1st round prospect who faltered because of injuries. Kearse was a low tier 7th round prospect who sported four jerseys in six seasons. Now both find their home in the same system. Both with growing expectations.

Everyone knew of the potential Malik Hooker possessed. That comes with being 1st round pick and seeing his amazing play at Ohio State.

Kearse was more of a “Finders Keepers” situation. Thank goodness the Dallas Cowboys found him. Now a bigger thanks for keeping him. Even as lackluster as the off-season has been so far, we have to tip the cap to the ‘boys for getting this deal done.

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Finders keepers.