Dallas Cowboys need speed at WR: 3 free agents who can help

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Dallas Cowboys need speed

Will Fuller

40 speed: 4.32 seconds

As of today, Will Fuller remains unsigned and fully available. Rumors and speculation exploded when Deshaun Watson was traded to Cleveland. The former teammates enjoyed some impressive seasons together in Houston so it was only natural to link the two again in 2022.

But the talk has cooled and it may not be as much of a sure thing as we first thought.

Will Fuller is one of the fastest players in the NFL. Not just in timed speed but also in play speed. Fuller has that immeasurable extra gear that kicks in when the ball goes in the air. He’s an outside threat who’s a big play waiting to happen.

And like most deep threats, he makes everyone better around him.

The main problem with Fuller is he’s a walking injury list. He hasn’t played more than 11 games in a season since his rookie year and last year he only made it through two games. Fuller is an elite player with virtually zero reliability, making it impossible for team to confidently sign him into a top-3 role.

Enter the Dallas Cowboys… Dallas doesn’t need Fuller to be top-3 player. They have Lamb, Gallup, and Washington serving those spots now. If Fuller is healthy he immediately bumps Washington out of the starting role. Fuller can play Z and allow Lamb to move inside to the slot.

Will Fuller is a luxury who would make the Cowboys lethal and the existence of James Washington means the Cowboys aren’t relying on Fuller to do the unimaginable all season: Stay healthy.

After seeing his 1-year/$10M deal in Miami blow up in his face, it’s safe to assume he’ll come at a fraction of that price this offseason. He won’t require a long-term commitment and he won’t block progress of anyone behind him. He’ll simply provide the big plays when he’s healthy and bridge the gap between now and whenever Dallas gets a young prospect ready to take over

Dallas Cowboys need speed (The wrap-up)

If Dallas doesn’t add speed to their WR stable, they will be depending on second year player Simi Fohoko to develop out of nowhere. Or they’ll be dangerously reliant on the NFL Draft to fix their WR speed issue (which is easier said than done).

Do I think any of these players will be signed by ‘ol Stephen? Nope. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out their affordability and availability and explain why they would serve a valuable role on the 2022 Dallas Cowboys. And who knows, if the price is right…

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Which option do you prefer? Assuming the Cowboys draft someone as well, which rookie do you have your eyes on?