3 former draft BUSTS the Dallas Cowboys should trade for

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The Dallas Cowboys need to get creative if they want to build a competitive roster next season. After losing more significant players than adding, it’s going to take more than just the NFL Draft to plug holes.

Known for their love of the reclamation project, Dallas has a love affair with making someone else’s trash their treasure. Just because a highly regarded player failed in one system doesn’t mean they are destined for failure everywhere else, right?

A low-risk/high-reward way for the Dallas Cowboys to add to their roster is by trading for former draft busts

Every year teams devote near-infinite recourses to scout the newest class of kids entering the NFL Draft. Knowing just one pick could make-or-break a franchise, teams spare no expense in their quest for the next face of their franchise.

Despite this, teams inevitably strike out, selecting players who never live up to their once-promising expectations – players who ultimately earn the dreaded “bust” label.

The Dallas Cowboys never lose their scouting reports. We hear them cite their old reports quite regularly. As a team that trusts their scouting department, they often use those reports to target underperforming players they were high on before they became “busts.”

Bust No. 1: K’Lavon Chaisson


Picked: Round 1, Pick 20 – 2020 NFL Draft

This was the guy the Dallas Cowboys were supposed to draft. In 2020, the Dallas Cowboys positioned themselves to draft a defensive end early in the draft. And they had their eyes set on LSU DE, K’Lavon Chaisson.

The ultra athletic 20-year-old didn’t have a very accomplished resume, but he was bursting with potential and the Cowboys were completely bought into the hype. The only thing that could stop Dallas from taking him at Pick 17 was if some gift from God fell into their laps – cue, CeeDee Lamb.

In case you haven’t been following K’Lavon Chaisson’s career, things haven’t gone well for the young EDGE in Jacksonville. Over the past two seasons he’s only started 11 games, tallied 50 tackles, two sacks, and 20 pressures. Not what anyone was expecting from one of the most athletic first round prospects in the draft.

Why would the Dallas Cowboys want him?

He’ll be cheap, he’s still only 22-years-old, and he still has all of that raw talent that can be developed.

All indications are he’s on his last leg in Jacksonville. And since no one in the coaching staff is tied to his selection, there’s little reason to force the issue and make him work. For a player who’s a bad training camp away from being outright cut, a fifth rounder before the draft would probably get a deal a done.

Given his age and ability, it’s safe to say he’s only scratched the surface of his potential. Can Dan Quinn develop that potential? Maybe. Maybe not, but it’s worth a try.