Luka Doncic’s injury status adds to energy/hype for Mavericks playoff stand

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As if the excitement, anxiety, and/or anticipation wasn’t already at peak levels, Luka Doncic has found a way to add even more adrenaline to an already tense situation.

Over the past decade the Dallas Mavericks have instilled a guarded approach for their fan base. MFFL’s have seen postseason appearances before. And they never seem to get out of the starting blocks.

With the midseason trade for Spencer Dinwiddie, things changed in Mavs Land. The Dallas Mavericks swapped their promising unicorn for a reliable creator. The creator, Dinwiddie, has taken the Mavs offense to new heights and with it, hope for advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

Those hopes were quickly dashed when Luka limped off the court in last weekend’s regular season finale. Without Luka Doncic, Dallas has virtually no hope of winning a playoff series. Home court or not.

Luka Doncic’s uncertain status puts adds even more tension to an already tenuous circumstance for Dallas Mavericks fans.

The team that for years has thrived as the up-and-coming little guy, finally stepped into the role of “favorites” this season when they clinched the fourth seed. A status they immediately relinquish if Luka is unable to lace up.

Fans and teammates are waiting with bated breath. Will Luka be back? If so, in what capacity? Will he miss the first two games? Are the Mavs just being overly precautious?

Understandably the Dallas Mavericks are playing this situation close to the vest. They don’t want to tip their hand to the Jazz who must prepare for a Luka-led team AND a Luka-less replacement squad. The entire offense fundamentally changes.

With the details missing, the timetable is impossible to predict. He could be fine this weekend or he could only be halfway down the road of recovery. The unknown is creating ulcers in the collective stomachs of the fanbase.

All of this tension will inevitably need to be released, and that will likely manifest itself Saturday afternoon at the AAC. The question is will that come out in the form of passionately cheering on an underdog or will it be to celebrate the triumphant return of a superstar?

Either way the adrenaline will hit the bloodstream and an already exciting playoff appearance will hit fever pitch.

If Doncic is ruled out for the entire series the excitement will dry up faster than a liquor store on a Sunday morning in the bible belt. Getting bad long-term news is death sentence and something that will likely be avoided at all costs – even if that is the prognosis.

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  • Published on 04/12/2022 at 17:51 PM
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