Dallas Cowboys Complete Mock Draft: Taking unusual risks

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With the 56th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select:

It’s whisper season and perhaps in the down-stretch of the draft cycle we start hearing things about players we previously hadn’t.

Many have Defensive Tackle Devonte Wyatt from Georgia anywhere from a late first rounder to an early second. He’s lived quite steady in that range throughout the draft process. He also may be the guy who slides a bit

A known situation in Athens, Georgia from 2020 when Wyatt was arrested for domestic violence could play a role in where one of the top ranked defensive players is selected.

According to campus police reports at Georgia, Wyatt forcibly entered a woman’s dorm room by kicking the door. There, they continued a verbal altercation that resulted in a warrant for Wyatt’s arrest. He’d face misdemeanor charges of criminal trespassing, property damage and family violence. All of which would be dismissed.

So if you’re asking how Wyatt has a path to the Dallas Cowboys at 56, that’s how. While some teams may, indeed, take Wyatt off their board there’s nothing to suggest the Dallas Cowboys would.

For most of the draft season, Wyatt has ranked as one of the top two interior defensive linemen in the draft. The combination of how teams feel about his history, his age (24 years old), and positional value could result in the Dallas Cowboys taking a risk on yet another second round pick Click to NEXT PAGE at the top of this page to continue .