2 Injured but elite prospects the Dallas Cowboys could target in the Draft

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The Dallas Cowboys aren’t ones to shy away from injured players in the draft. If value is to be found, Dallas is happy to exercise patience for the sake of long-term gain. We saw Dallas do this with players like Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, and Jaylon Smith over the years (with varying degrees of success) and we’ll likely see it again.

With sports medicine where it’s at, injured players are no longer the gamble they once were. What was career threatening 10-15 years ago is no longer a fear today. Young athletes tend to bounce back every bit as strong as they were pre-injury, and as long as you’re not a GM who needs results immediately, drafting an injured player can pay off huge in the long-run.

The Dallas Cowboys may be more willing to pick an injured player than most of their NFL brethren.

With Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones acting as the Dallas Cowboys GM (Jerry more big picture and final say and Stephen more day to day) the general manager position in Dallas is more secure than John Holmes on a nude beach. They are exactly the type to gamble on a player who may not deliver immediate results because they are their own bosses.

Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t exactly seizing the day here in 2022. Despite showing immense promise and establishing themselves as one of the top teams in an abnormally weak conference, the Dallas Cowboys aggressively downgraded their roster this offseason in the name of austerity and flexibility.

With an eye towards 2023, the Cowboys seem content treading water in 2022. So if this is Mike McCarthy’s last year in Dallas (which we assume this will be) and is considered to be a bridge year, why not invest in some players who may not pay dividends from Day 1?

If elite players drop because of their injury status, Dallas could be in the perfect position to pounce…