2 Injured but elite prospects the Dallas Cowboys could target in the Draft

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Dallas Cowboys Draft

Jameson Williams, WR


Despite falling to an ACL injury in January, Jameson Williams is still on top of many teams’ draft boards. The 6-foot-1, 180lb burner from Alabama has elite play-maker ability and an impressive resume against some of college football’s very best talent.

Last season Williams pulled in 79 balls for 1572 yards, 15 touchdowns, at nearly 20 yards/reception. Even though the ACL surgery happened late in the season, Williams is said to be ahead of schedule and should be cleared to play sometime early in the season (although they always seem to say this).

Teams that need to get immediate results from their draft class may not be eager to take a gamble on Williams’ uncertain timetable, even if the prognosis is optimistic. If a safer WR is on the board, some GMs may be inclined to go that route for the sake of their own job security.

The Dallas Cowboys don’t have those concerns for reasons mentioned earlier. Their GM(s) can completely strike out and it won’t impact their job security one bit. If Williams fell to 24, they wouldn’t think twice to make the pick. The problem is he probably won’t make it to 24.

Jameson Williams is so good and so impactful, the chances of him falling to Dallas are slim. If Dallas wants him they will likely need to trade up to get him they probably need to get ahead of the Chargers at 17. It would likely take giving the Eagles a second rounder but it could net the Cowboys the best receiver in the draft.